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Khana Khajana Fine Indian Cuisine

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Location: 7117 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON
Steels ave / Bathurst st
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(905) 771-6661
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Cuisine: Indian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by JamesQL,   visited on 2007-10-23 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $10  
i just had lunch buffet in KK today.
$8.99 for a very good meal. total $20.25.

I am no expert in indian food. but i do like the food. fresh nan, tasty saag (Palak) Paneer, the Chicken Korma is creamy and good flavor.

I will be back to try the dinner!

reviewed by andrew,   visited on 2007-08-08 ,  overall
We love Khana Khajana. We have been there twice. The flavours are very distinct. The food is very fresh. It is our new favourite restaurant. The last time we were there .all of the tables were full.... the word is getting out.

reviewed by spicy,   visited on 2007-06-05 ,  overall
The best Indian food I've had recently has been at the recently opened Khana Khajana, on Bathurst just north of Steeles (in a little plaza on the east side). The food is extremely flavourful, non-greasy, and the portions are huge. Just make sure to ask for your food to be prepared spicy; otherwise, the heat level is toned down.

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