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Lava Lounge & Restaurant

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Location: 507 College St. W., Toronto, ON
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(416) 966-5282
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Cuisine: Burgers  Indian  Seafood  Lounge  

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User Reviews

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visited on 2004-07-02
Definitely need to go there on Wednesday night (The Mod Club). Nice people, nice mood, great songs(60's,70's + Soul). Choose life, choose a job, Choose this LAVA pub.

visited on 2004-04-24
we went on a friday night and it was dirty and crowded, full of people just standing around. which would be ok if they were chillin to the music but the music wasn't much to chill to. top 40 was a few decades behind. not bad to dance to but gets a lil dull after the first few songs.

visited on 2004-03-14
grabby guys (clientele) i don't like.. music ok.. really nice original mixes of songs.. a totally pick-up place.. comparable to madi's. cramped. didn't get food, so can't really comment on that. went on a saturday. heard wednesday's are great..

visited on 2004-03-09
AWESOME 60's tunes wed/sat night. If you're nto Mod style music, you'll love this place! Hot girls, hot cougars, hot hot hot!!!!! Check it out. I loved it

visited on 2004-02-20
Cool Atmosphere...kind of crappy music. Food Service and Value...not so good. I will not be going back.

visited on 2004-01-25
older crowd, late 20s to early 30s. 80s and disco music abounds on a Saturday night if that's what floats your boat...

visited on 2003-12-09
You have to hit up the legend of Lava Lounge for a wild night! I recommend this place to anyone as the atmosphere is incredibly welcoming.

visited on 2003-04-14
This place is basically a pub with a bit of decor. Do not go there for food but drinks are good. I don't think i will be going back.

visited on 2003-03-16
Very rude and snobby waitresses, but nice atmosphere and inner decor. Fair prices and great selection.

visited on 2003-02-11
like i have said many times before, all good things happen at lava on friday nights. the d.j. is great about playing your music. however, they are not so flexible on saturdays.

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