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Sushi Marché

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Location: 1105 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON
Queen st east / Carlaw ave
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(416) 463-0114
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Cuisine: Sushi  

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reviewed by hualpa,   visited on 2006-10-17 ,  overall
I have fallen in love with this little take-away sushi spot in Leslieville on Queen, just east of Carlaw, and on the south side on the street.

Now, before anyone jumps to conclusions, the sushi is cut to order and beautifully (incredibly beautifully) arranged in take-out trays. It is further garnished with groud-cherries and edible orchids. This is some great sushi too -- excellently fresh, superbly cut and well made. The rice is a nice texture and well formed under the ngiri -- not too densely formed, as most. This is the best sushi and sashimi I've had in Toronto with the (possible) exception of Kaji. The sashimi really shines since it is so fresh and well cut.

There are other things to like about the place too. The friendly service being one and the pre-packaged arame being another (I've been aching for Hijiki ever since Health Canada banned it and this is a reasonable appoximation).

My only complaints are that I'd like the rice slightly more vinegared, I'm not a fan of the gari being mixed into the rice for Inari (although I'll settle for the fact that at least he doesn't serve the pink-dyed gari!), I'd like fresh wasabi, and although he makes his own Unagi and it is tasty, it is too firm for my taste (Yes, I've been spoiled by the Unagi at Kon-Nichi-Wa).

The $26 sushi lunch will fill anyone and could be split for two without much heart-ache. Whenever I've ordered it, it has come with more pieces than the menu suggests too.

reviewed by bob,   visited on 2006-09-11 ,  overall
Sushi Marche just opened in lesliville a few months ago. Located on Queen E between Pape and Jones. They really only do takeout even though they have a couple of tables. The sushi is made fresh when it's ordered, so don't be turned off by the take out and plastic containers.

I ordered the Sushi Sashimi dinner ($28) includes 6 pieces of sushi, 10 pieces sashimi, Kamikaze roll (or california roll) ans salad (or soup). I also ordered 3 different rolls (about $7 each); eel/avacado, asparagus/shrimp tempura (nice hint of lemon), and spicy salmon. It was more than enough for 2 people.

The fish was very fresh with generous portions of sashimi and sushi. The roll diameters were small but you get 8-10 pieces, most of it the actuall ingredient rather than a thick rice roll. I found the take out containers actually had better presentation than most run of the mill sushi restaurants. Each container included a couple of little kumquats(?) in the husk which was a nice treat at the end.

Without the overhead of a full restaurant, they seem to be able to focus on the quality of the sushi and providing value in the food rather than other decor and waiters.

If ordering on a friday or saturday i would recommend calling the order ahead cause it'll take about 1/2 hr to prepare.

reviewed by cait,   visited on 2006-07-02 ,  overall
my new favourite place here is sushi marché on queen east.

cheap and tasty walk-in sushi joint where you give your order and they make it up fresh in 5-10 minutes. i got this wicked little bento of eight "madam butterfly" maki (california roll topped with smoked salmon and strips of nori) and even the presentation was adorable, accompanied by a little gooseberry with dried petals and a purple orchid flower. good selection of imported japanese snacks and teas there, too.

i don't do the whole foodie thing because i don't really do food, but i can easily appreciate/praise a good japanese resto. marché your ass down there and go buy tasty sushi.

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