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Eastern Sense Chinese Cuisine

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Location: 200 Marycroft Avenue, Units 9-11, Woodbridge, ON
Highway 7 / Weston Road
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Website: http://www.easternsense.ca
Cuisine: Chinese  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Julianna,   visited on 2008-06-22 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $13  
Fantastic restaurant that I would visit again in a heartbeat! My colleagues all enjoyed the chef dinner for six, especially the Thousand island pork chop and szechuan chicken entrees. Service was fast, attentive and friendly and the price point was excellent, far lower than expected for food of this calibre. Hoping to experiment with another dish next time!

reviewed by Guy,   visited on 2007-12-27 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $15   Tags: Delivery, lunch, dinner
Great restaurant! excellent food! Try the Pepper Chicken with Dry Garlic, It's simply amazing!
Will be back ASAP!

reviewed by Karl,   visited on 2007-01-14 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $15  
Best Chinese food I ever had!!
I was visiting this restaurant when it was first open in 2006. It was not too busy at that time, but the food and service were excellent. I know it would get busier later on. It is true! It becomes very busy now. Why? delicious food and great service!!

reviewed by Ken Johnson,   visited on 2007-01-06 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $$15.00   Tags: Lunch, Dinner, Take out, Delivery, fine dining
I like this Chinese restaurant: delicious food, great service, and fine dining atmosphere. My co-workers took me there for lunch last December. I love the Thousand Island Pork Chop. I went back with my wife for dinner a week later. The event is not as busy as lunch. But the food is still great!

Definitely I will go there again.

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