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Pho Linh Restaurant

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Location: 1156 College Street, Toronto, ON
College st / Dufferin st
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(416) 516-3891
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Cuisine: Vietnamese  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Vee,   visited on 2010-08-14 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $6   Tags: Pho Linh, Best pho, bun bo hue, vietnamese
I have been going to this place for 13 years! Ever since i was a child! The pho here has alot more flavor than most pho places and their beef balls in their pho are the best! But my favourite dish is the Bun Bo Hue, its a spicy version of Pho. Super yummy, I always bring different friends to go there and eat :)

reviewed by Pho ho,   visited on 2009-06-12 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $9  
Always delicious, best spring rolls around. Its always FULL of
Vietnamese customers which says it all.

reviewed by yoyodyne,   visited on 2006-10-21 ,  overall
the preserved lemon and soda drink at pho linh is outstanding. the hue style noodles are amazing and if you're getting regular pho, make sure to ask for 'fresh' noodles...makes all the difference.

reviewed by Riverdaleto,   visited on 2006-08-30 ,  overall
A MUST beside Que Ling for Pho is Pho Linh. It specializes in two dishes: banh cuon and bun bo Hue (same as Que Linh). Also great mia da (sugarcane juice).

reviewed by shesto,   visited on 2006-07-18 ,  overall
Tags: pho
Small little place, seems to be family run. The broth is usually quite lovely and more flavourful than the places on Spadina I have eaten at. Not always consistent though, sometimes the broth is a little bland, but the majority of the time it is very nice. They're pretty friendly there too and are always happy to see a regular (even though we don't go there very often anymore as we moved further away, they still remember us and greet us with a smile).

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