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Adega Restaurant

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Location: 33 Elm St, Toronto, ON
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(416) 977-4338
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Cuisine: Portuguese  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Irene,   visited on 2009-12-27 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $14  
My husband and I frequently travel to Toronto from New York City. Each time we come up, we are sure to visit Adega on Elm Street. The food is absolutely incredible. It is ideal for seafood fans like my husband and I. The service is flawless. They treat regulars as though they are family, yet still uphold the classy ambiance of the restaurant. On top of that, its conveniently located in the heart of downtown, only a minute walk from Dundas Square. Highly recommended.

reviewed by Jacquilynne,   visited on 2006-09-15 ,  overall
For a slightly cheaper option, you might try Adega. I believe it's run by the same people as Chiado, and the food is excellent, at a price point that's a little easier to swallow.

reviewed by Juniper,   visited on 2006-06-29 ,  overall
I second the recommendation for Adega. I very much enjoy their grilled sardines and grilled octopus.

reviewed by fickle,   visited on 2006-06-27 ,  overall
I recommend Adega on Elm Street just north of the Eaton Centre. Their piri piri shrimp is excellent. Very friendly wait staff and the complimentary sundried olives and portuguese bread they serve is delicious.

reviewed by monica henderson,   visited on 2006-02-14 ,  overall
Impresive service, and excellent food, simple yet delicious, as Portuguese food always is! Friendly, attentive wait staff. Great atmosphere, there were six of us and we all loved this place and it's food, we'll most certaintly returned as soon as we have the opportunity!

reviewed by herbert reitemeyer,   visited on 2005-10-17 ,  overall
Only five days in Toronto, but two visits of the restaurant. I find very well meals, excellent service and a nice ambience. Will recommend everywhere on our planet

visited on 2005-06-12
I won't even consider not enjoying one night at this memorable restaurant when I am in Toronto. It just feels like home.

visited on 2005-06-11
I simply can't imagine that an yone writing a bad review was at the same restaurant! It's c onsistently very good. The squ id is the best in the city and everything else is worth tryi ng more than once. Easily one of the best places around, and great value.

visited on 2005-04-11
The dining experience at Adega was the worst experience ever. Four of us waited for so long only to get burned chicken, dry salmon and mediocre salad.

visited on 2005-02-15
We had high expectations for Adega. However, the food was only mediocre and simply not very special. We'll likely not consider revisiting this restaurant in the near future.

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