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Cajun Corner

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Location: 214 Laird Dr, Toronto, ON
Eglinton Ave E/Laird Dr
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(416) 703-4477
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Website: http://www.cajuncorner.ca/
Cuisine: Cajun  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Patrick Babineaux,   visited on 2009-04-24 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $20  
This is a follow-up review to one I had posted about a year ago. This place is now terrible. I've never had food this bad and the service was amateurish and disinterested. What happened to the original chef, David? He left and the food went to hell. Bland, thin, over-salted gumbo. Sticky, gummy jambalaya. Roast beef po'boy that tasted like luncheon meat. Being from Louisiana, I can tell you that a roast beef po' boy is not made with luncheon meat but with oven roasted beef and topped with debris (prononced day-bree) gravy. And get rid of your artisan bread. That does you po' boys no favors. That ain't what you serve an po' boy on.

I ran into a former employee of the Leslieville Cajun Corner and was told Chef David is working in IT because his experience with the old owners of Cajun Corner was so bad. Advice to the new owner, Kelly McAlonen (writing your own reviews now?) - GET CHEF DAVID BACK! He's a Louisiana-trained chef that also grew up in Louisiana. Use him as a selling point - AND WHAT A SELLING POINT!! A REAL LOUISIANA CHEF IN YOUR RESTAURANT! He worked magic in that kitchen (his jambalaya was the best I ever had and I grew up in Gonzales, Louisiana - the Jambalaya Capital!!) That guy has a following and he could put some butts in those empty seat. He lives in the neighborhood, how hard could he be to find?

reviewed by Lynn Wadden,   visited on 2009-04-10 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $18   Tags: Cajun has come to Toronto
I had walked past this place a hundred times and just noticed it. We went in and what a surprise. Hot sauces, beads and masks for sale. Well, we had to stay. We had the best Gumbo that we have ever had and I make it even. The crab and corn bisque was smooth and creamy. The special was a roast beef Po' Boy. Oh My God. Just dripping with this savoury gravy and remoulade and really good Coleslaw on the side, spicy and flavourful!!

reviewed by Karl McAlonen,   visited on 2009-04-09 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $20   Tags: Good Cajun
The fried chicken was the best that I have had, the sweet potato crab cakes and gumbo was stellar!! Any place that sells catfish is good in my books. I think I spent about $60 on hot sauces alone!! We are going back soon

reviewed by Kelly McAlonen,   visited on 2009-03-03 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $20   Tags: Great Cajun
The place does not fit that bad review that I read. The fried chicken was perfect, the red beans and the fried catfish were delicious. The chef even came out to all the tables to check on everyone. Oh yes, the spicy cajun slaw, wow. I even ordered 2 to take home with me. I think that this is the neat little place to check out!!

reviewed by Patrick Babineaux,   visited on 2008-04-27 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $25  
I have been in here 7 times since they opened up at Laird and have been to all of the Sunday brunches (I'm in the neighborhood) and haven't even seen any of the problems you reported. There were no feathers on any of the chicken (not possible since deep frying would get rid of them) and I don't know how ANYONE could mistake grits for mashed potatoes! (and I am pretty sure that the server wouldn't have said anything like that to you- why the hell would she? Pretty f'in ridiculous) Everything was clearly marked on little cards on the buffet line- maybe you're just unobservant or, more likely, just plain stupid. And they also CLEARLY state that until 3 PM only the buffet is available. I grew up in New Orleans and lived there until 4 years ago when business brought me to Toronto. I can honestly say that the food here was 100% authentic and delicious. Since you obviously have no idea what decent Southern cuisine is, it's probably best you don't go back! You sound like a bitter troublemaker that wouldn't be happy if somebody gave you a bucket of water if your ass was on fire. I really would like to see these folks make a go of this and people like you just make things harder.

reviewed by Trini,   visited on 2008-04-12 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $25  
This was truly one of the worst restaurants I've ever been too. I'll be fair and say that they actually just moved however when we arrived they made it seem like the only thing available was the buffet. The food was terrible, the chicken still had feathers on it for god's sake! Just awful. I asked one of the staff about an item in the buffet, if it was mashed potatoes or not, she said yes it was, and it most certainly wasn't!
Not to mention the price, which was outrageous, I want to slap myself for even paying 25 dollars for that food. It wasn't even worth 10 however we payed anyways because it was Sunday and we didn't feel like making a big stink. Now that i look back, we should of.

Hoepfully that restaurant gets their act together soon. It was an awful grand opening. I'm still so mad that I payed!

reviewed by thegreatfoodhunt,   visited on 2006-12-21 ,  overall
We stopped by Cajun Corner today to see if we could get a Turducken, but were told they were no longer accepting orders for Christmas. Thankfully, Chef Karen agreed to make us a deep fried turkey.

Also tried the frog legs they were serving today. Very very good!

thanks to everyone who suggested this place... Great little spot!

reviewed by TwinklyTerrapin,   visited on 2006-12-19 ,  overall
Tags: king cake
I love the Cajun Corner. Their take-out gumbos are great, and their stash of New Orleans staples means that I don't have to haul so much back with me when I visit the crescent city.

The honey and I hosted the recent family Secret Santa party, and, being big fans of New Orleans, chose a Mardi Gras theme. Cajun Corner was a huge help with everything from getting loads of beads to decorate with, and tiny voodoo dolls for assigning the secret santees to the secret santers, to tasso and andouille for our gumbo. I also got pickled green beans and okra and made amazing Cajun Caesars.

The best though, was the king cake that I got for dessert and to choose who got to host the party next year--get the baby; host the party. It was a lovely cinnamon and cream cheese yeast bread ring, not too sweet, great for after our huge dinner, and best of all, my mother-in-law, who hasn't hosted a Secret Santa party yet, got the baby. It was a splendid party, largely because of Cajun Corner.

reviewed by Davwud,   visited on 2006-12-17 ,  overall
I've been going to them for a couple years. It's great. I actually have some crawfish tails in my freezer to make etouffee with.

I have not eaten anything from them but I don't doubt that it's first rate.

reviewed by MajorSlick,   visited on 2006-12-04 ,  overall
For anyone who likes Cajun food, this place is tremendous!

It's a little "everything Cajun store" (in Leslieville on Queen @ Carlaw) with a takeout counter (and three little patio-type tables) at the back.

The food is great! The owners do a lot of catering and they have a standard regular menu - Shrimp Po-Boys (sort of cajun subs), Red Beans & Rice, Gumbo, Sweet potato frittes (very thin fried potatoes) etc. augmented by a great daily special.

The special is: (a) different every day, (b) comes in a large portion, (c) is only $6.95 and (d) is almost always excellent!

In the past couple of weeks, I've had Chicken, Veal & catfish smothered in great cajun sauces with rice and sometimes with various southern greens.

BONUS - The people at the store/restaurant are super friendly!

If you love southern food, do yourself a favour and try this place - it's a "hidden gem".

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