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Tacos El Asador

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Location: 690 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON
Bloor st / Bathurst st
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(416) 538-9747
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Cuisine: Latin American  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by imri,   visited on 2007-02-18 ,  overall
I love going here in the summer when my son has a baseball game at Christie Pits. A few of the other parents and I usually load up on pupusas, nachos, tacos(hard & soft) and horchata to bring to the park. I don't know how authentic it is as I hardly eat Latin American/Mexican food, but I do know when food is good, and this stuff is really good. Make sure you get the hot salsa, it's pretty awesome.

reviewed by eat,   visited on 2007-01-29 ,  overall
I am a regular and have been for years. Its not mexican its el salvadorian but has latin american foods. Its a small place and not fancy at all. But the owners and nice and the food is very good and cheap. The pupusas, burritos, tostadas, tamales are all great. the guacomole too its excellent. I see people get big bowls of soup that also looks good. Try the horchata drink if they have it - its delicious!

reviewed by jen2202,   visited on 2006-10-19 ,  overall
so i went to tacos el asador today. i ordered a chicken taco but didnt specify crunchy and they gave me soft, if was boring, not alot in it. That was the only thing i could remember u recommending at the time so i had nachos too. they were pretty good. the place was really busy and the staff was nice, everyone was ordering pupusas but i dont know what they are so i didnt order one. thanks for the rec tho, when i go back next time ill try the crunchy taco and a pupusa...whatever it is!

reviewed by mickeyj,   visited on 2006-10-16 ,  overall
I recommend the crispy chicken taco, any of the burritos, and the guacamole. And the tamales and the pupusas. All delicious and, although the surroundings are crude, the people that run the joint are very friendly and it's a nice place to spend an hour with some cheap eats and a beer.

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