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Dessert Trends Patisserie-Bistro

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Location: 154 Harbord St, Toronto, ON
Harbord st / Bathurst st
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(416) 916-8155
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Website: http://www.desserttrends.ca/
Cuisine: Unclassified  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by lovegoodfood,   visited on 2007-11-11 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $15  
This place is under the foodie radar...and it needs to be up there with the best! The food is so imaginative, and the ingredients are of highest quality. I look forward to a wine list and some service training...but it's AMAZING. GO!!!
Breakfast, lunch or dinner...or take out!

reviewed by flipp,   visited on 2006-10-04 ,  overall
I had a sandwich for lunch at Dessert Trends today that I'm still thinking about...

Generous portions of smoked chicken breast with crisp asparagus and melted swiss cheese, also I think some pesto mayo. At 11.50 it wasn't cheap but it was filling and, like I said, I'm still thinking about it three hours later. Sadly, it was a special and not a regular menu item.

Didn't try the dessert though what I saw on display looked fantastic.

reviewed by Delish,   visited on 2006-10-02 ,  overall
had the croque-monsieur for brunch a few weeks ago and it was amazing! I will be back this weekend for their most incredible apple pancakes.

reviewed by bestandworst,   visited on 2006-09-07 ,  overall
Highly recommend any dessert that strikes your fancy; always intense flavours and quality ingredients. Nothing fake here! For brunch I highly recommend the apple pancakes. The coffee is great too. All that being said, it is not the cheapest place in the city, but the value is definitely there.

reviewed by Monica,   visited on 2005-11-16 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $22   Tags: gelato, quiche
this place is awesome. The lunch was perfect. We tried the French Onion and Mushroom soups, the Snow Crab Quiche, Salmon and Meatloaf sandwiches, Tiramisu and Vanilla Ice Cream and Pumpkin Gelato). Will be trying their famous brunch next week ... can't wait any longer. The only disappointment is that they don't have their liquor license. Two couples (friends) raved about it to my husband and me ... and they were surprised to hear from us that this place now has the city's best gelato! The Chef is amazing -

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