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Sun Crisp Fish & Chips

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Location: 2047 Weston Road, York, ON
Weston rd / Lawrence ave
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(416) 244-6663
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Cuisine: Fish and Chips  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by torontogal,   visited on 2006-09-16 ,  overall
Our absolute fav .. a very lucky find: Sun Crisp Fish and Chips. It's a small mom and pop place at 2047 Weston Road, north of Lawrence. Wonderful fresh crispy fish, batttered just right, with a huge serving of fries, cooked just right. Also try their onion rings. Best I've had in Toronto. Large, crispy, inexpensive and really tasty. I think our order of Fish and Chips runs just over $7.00. The small onion rings are just a couple of dollars.

We find it's definitely worth the drive.

reviewed by suzspot,   visited on 2006-08-14 ,  overall
I second Sun Crisp...I used to go there as a kid in the '70's and loved it..I went again a few weeks ago and it was great to find that nothing changed, the decore was the same and the great quality of the fish. The batter is so light and perfectly cooked..not overdone. It is worth the drive.

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