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Boujadi Moroccan Restaurant

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Location: 999 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto, ON
Eglinton ave / Allen rd
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(416) 440-0258
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Website: http://www.boujadi.com/
Cuisine: Moroccan  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by arawak,   visited on 2007-03-01 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $36  
If the price was more reasonable, I would have given an excellent rating. The only complaint I have, is that the lamb dish was very bony, with very little meat, and some pieces were tough.

reviewed by JamesQL,   visited on 2007-02-28 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $36  
a group of 7 visited Bojadi on wednesday night.

we started with the moroccan tea which a little bit sweet but we all liked it. no refill though :)

follwing with apps, Kimya which is a combination of our four most popular appetizers (cigar, triangle, kafta and merguez). It tasted really good. the cigar looks the same with spring-roll but different taste. the second app is Grilled Chicken-Liver and it was tasty as well.

i don't remember which soup we ordered. but we decided to try it first and order more if we like it. meh, we ended up only trying.

for main we had Chicken Couscous, Fish Meshoui, Couscous Royal (we ordered this one pure lamb with extra $5 charge). had another app but forgot what it is.

they had had two deserts (one of them is italian cake or something we decided to avoid) and we went for Almond Cigar. sweet and good.

overall, it was a nice meal and we left with a happy stomach(full). hm. i guess the only complain was the price. granted we had tea, apps, main and desert, but it costed $36 per person and that was little pricy.

reviewed by aly,   visited on 2007-01-25 ,  overall
For starters there is the classic harira, the soup, although it could have been a tad warmer, its thick and satisfying, and studded with a myriad of what is touted as a 1000 dried beans, with the added zing of cumin and chile. But a squirt of fresh lemon perfects this dish. Kimya: a combination of four most popular appetizers (cigar, triangle, kafta and merguez) used as breaking ground for sharing food and friendship is also an excellent choice. We actually split this dish up and thoroughly enjoyed sharing it.

The word “Tajine” simply means pot, composed of a large deep dish and a lid of a conus shape; both made from red clay. All the cooking, simmering and serving are done in the same tajine. The thick spicy onion/tomato sauce enriched with saffron and fresh coriander has earned the name “medina”. It is generously poured on the meat of your choice with a bed of couscous or rice. Chicken Meshoui, grilled chicken breast meat marinated over night in the chef’s preparation is also served on a bed of couscous or rice. There is so much to try at this restaurant, portions are ample and enough to share. Please note that for anyone that is partial to white meat with his or her entrée you should choose the Chicken Meshoui as it is the only dish that comes with all white meat.

As we savoured our dishes we were entertained with an impromptu happy engagement Moroccan style that featured a festive clapping session as we followed the owners beat on the large drum. It was a nice treat and added to the warmth and authenticity of our experience. After such extravagant main courses, dessert is a much simpler affair. The mhalbi is a pudding of soymilk flavoured with orange blossom, roasted almonds, and hordes of pistachios and toasted pine nuts. Not nearly as satisfying as a generous plate of shebakia, these deep-fried crunchy strips of pastry scented with orange blossom and honey, sprinkled with sesame seeds and garnished with raisins, are not only divine, they’re addictive. And to end the feast, a terrific digestive - a forest of fresh mint leaves steeped in hot water or added to a blend of black teas.

On the whole the experience was truly enjoyable, if you are looking for a little escape to the Mediterranean try Boujadi and you will be pleasantly surprised by the experience.

The prices are fair as the dishes are large but still a bit steep.

reviewed by downtown,   visited on 2007-01-13 ,  overall
I am surprised that nobody has mentioned the Harrira - you must start with the soup. Add a squeeze of lemon (provided on the side) and its heaven in a bowl, especially in the winter. They also have the soup to take out by the litre bottle.

reviewed by mona,   visited on 2007-01-06 ,  overall
Our very first dinner together was at Boujadi. Eversince, it's been one of the best restaurants in Toronto.

Our pick:

Kimya - a combination of our four most popular appetizers (cigar, triangle, kafta and merguez)
Used as a breaking ground for sharing food and friendship

Couscous Royal - Lamb Zaatar, chicken olive/lemon tajine, mergez and vegetables served on a bed of couscous.

Moroccan Fresh Mint Tea (Large Teapot)

reviewed by rely,   visited on 2006-11-26 ,  overall
I must concur that Boujadi is indeed very good.
We were taken there several months ago by enthusiastic friends, and very pleasantly surprised.
As someone who ranks middle eastern food at the bottom of my food preferences, I will return.

reviewed by FlavoursGal,   visited on 2006-11-13 ,  overall
The food is flavourful Moroccan cuisine, with lots of variety and many vegetarian options. Granted, It does not compare to the great couscous restaurants I've eaten in Paris, but it does provide a fairly authentic sampling of Moroccan dishes.

reviewed by magic,   visited on 2006-06-08 ,  overall
I was at Boujadi just once and found everything tasted like cilantro. Don't get me wrong, I love cilantro, but that's all I could taste in anything. The portions were nice and the food is obviously made with care and skill, but I wasn't liking it very much. I'm also not a green olive fan and that's half of what was on my plate. The service was very nice. Again, only there once, I’d give it another shot.

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