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Trevor Kitchen & Bar

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Location: 38 Wellington Street East, Toronto, ON
Wellington st / church st
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(416) 941-9410
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reviewed by Diana,   visited on 2009-02-28 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $50  
We attended Trevors for my sister's birthday and found the whole experience wonderful. We were seated right away and champagne was waiting for us. Our waiter was very attentive. We received complimentary shrimp from the chef which was delicious. Our meals were enjoyed by all. My sister's birthday dessert with candle was decorated with chocolate birthday wishes. We spent 2 hours having a wonderful experience. Thanks.

reviewed by Ann,   visited on 2009-02-06 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $44  
I went to Trevor this past Friday February 6, 2009 for a friends birthday party. She had a party of 30 people attend. We did not get a full meal but it was more sample plates (tapas style) because our party was so large. My issue is that the owner Trevor, said that we had been served enough food for 30 people and some people had not even gotten any food and also he told us that we were drinking too much tap water hence not drinking enough. To me if you have 30 people at
your restaurant willing to pay 44 dollars for sample meals and you give them attitude you deserve the negativity you get. I advise everyone who reads this don't go to Trevor's if you want to be yelled at and told to get out this is not the place for you

reviewed by Cynthia,   visited on 2009-02-02 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $70  
Winterlicious menu: ricotta gnocchi starter, whitefish main, torte dessert.

Starter was a bit too salty but was ok. The savoy cabbage with the whitefish was so salty I couldn't get it down. Just about the most awful cole slaw I have ever had. Whitefish was bloated and flavourless.

Torte and chantilly cream dessert was yummy though.

Resto is so over-rated!

reviewed by Maria,   visited on 2008-02-05 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $70  
Amazing Food !!!! Our server was embarrassing for "fine dining". He had 3 tables including ours. Our wine arrived at the table the same time as our dinner. No bread, although it looked great from what we could see on the other tables. It's RARE to find good service in this city. Owner's ... pay attention.

reviewed by pescatarian,   visited on 2006-11-24 ,  overall
I went there with a couple of friends Friday night. We sat on the bar side. I thought the place was nice. It was empty when we got there, but it was filling up by the time we left around 9:30.
I think certain things were great (mostly from the bar menu) and certain things were just OK.
The items we had from the bar menu were the sushi pizza and the mac and cheese. Both were very good. I would go back for the sushi pizza alone. Not traditional, but yummy. It was like a fried rice cake on the bottom with the tuna sushi on top. Nice mix of textures and very tasty. The mac and cheese was very good.
I ordered the blackened cod. I didn't think it was good. Especially for the $30 price tag. It was overly fishy for a place like that (ie not fresh). My friend tried the beef cheeks. It might of been good, but it wasn't her thing, so it's hard to tell if it was not good or just not her preference. Both mains were overly salted though in our opinion.
I would go back for drinks and apps from the bar. Not sure if I would go for the full dinner given our experience with the mains.

reviewed by ddd,   visited on 2006-11-23 ,  overall
We went last thursday - the shrimp app is excellent. The duck was good, but I was hoping for better. The shrimp and lobster pasta is very good. Kobe beef mini burgers very good to excellent. Wine list is not bad, small selection by the glass, but the majority are winners (I tried 4 half glasses of the reds). All in all very good meal, excellent service, but only good to very good for value. I don't remember noise being a problem.

reviewed by todc1996,   visited on 2006-11-23 ,  overall
went last night. LOVED the food. can't wait to go back. i'll start with the CONS:

-totally clueless hostess. stood around for 5 minutes with another party of 4 wondering where we should go, who we should talk to, what we should do. either it was her first day or she just didn't give a crap.
- had to ask her to take our coats (she didn't offer).
- THE NOISE LEVEL - holy crap- it was on the verge of unbearable. enough to consider not returning if not for the amazing food. i don't know if it was really low ceilings or what. very freakin' loud. spent the whole meal pretty much shouting.

-the food
-the food
-did i say the food?
-i'll try to remember most of what we had (4 of us).
asiago mac & cheese
curried shrimp tempura with jicima salad,
2 green salads with candied walnuts and blackberries
venison tartare with homemade spiced potato chips and some fabulous sauce (their special - not on the menu)
sushi pizza (their take, done with tuna)
black cod (main course)
venison and foie gras with sage gnocci (main course)
chocolate cake with burnt marshmellow sauce
banana split for 2
1000 mysteries tea (really, you have to just smell this tea-it's unbelievable-thanks for the rec. on this board)

it was really all excellent. both venison dishes were outstanding. the mac and cheese was a real treat. sushi pizza, & tempura were great. would order just about everything again...only the quail for me didn't stand out although the mixed potato hash it came with was awesome. wouldn't order the desserts again. they were O.K. did not blow me away in the least. definitely not worth the calories. our server was great. we ordered our food sort of erratically and it took a REALLY long time for our last order of food to come (they were full last night). trevor was manning the dining room, saw we'd been waiting a long time and comped our desserts. definitely appreciated that.

all that food (not including the desserts)....2 bottles of wine (one $45 one $47). 2 glasses of red wine ($12 each)...2 lattes, 1 tea: $297ish before tip. - hopefully the prices stay reasonable -right now, it's really excellent value.

reviewed by bhndev,   visited on 2006-11-10 ,  overall
There's a new man in our lives: He cooks, he cleans up and best of all, he doesn't mind catering to our wildest culinary desires. His name is Trevor and we are head-over-heels in love...with his restaurant. In fact, he may even be our answer to the perfect guy.


Our first date at trevor kitchen and bar was nothing short of spectacular. He flirted with us over the Beef and Greens ($10), boasting thin slivers of high quality meat topped with Sambuca dressing, but we held firm. Good girls don't kiss right away (or at least admit to it). He stepped up his game with a French Onion Soup ($6) re-defined with aged Ontario cheddar. Knees shaking, he finally swept us off our feet with the show-stopping Port Braised Beef Cheeks ($19) sitting atop an ethereal risotto with woodsy mushroom and squash.

reviewed by Fredrick,   visited on 2006-10-16 ,  overall
Tags: first date, romantic
The food was excellent and the atmosphere was smooth and chic. Sitting there enjoying our meal we were lost in the ambience of the room.
The music was relaxing and comfortable the balance between both rooms gives TKB a unique feeling unlike any other place we have been.
Definitely recommend to anyone for first date dinner, business dining or casual night out. We could see the potential for cocktails and an upbeat crowd ready to enjoy an evening of drinks in a social setting with great surroundings.

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