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Rolling Pot

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Location: 7077 Kennedy Road, Markham, ON
Kennedy Rd / Steeles Ave E
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(905) 946-0888
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Cuisine: Buffet  Chinese  

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reviewed by Benedict,   visited on 2008-10-18 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $20   Tags: Hot Pot, Chinese
I was swindled at Rolling Pot. The food was decent, but the problem arose when the check arrives. The total is $54.04 - as it should be. Now, it was the three of us eating so we split it three ways even. Each of us throws in $20, two twenty bills, a ten, two fives, and 4 pennies. I know the breakdown by heart because I had to borrow ten dollars from my friend so we worked out how much each person was putting in beforehand. Note that Rolling Pot automatically adds 10% service, so we expected and asked for change back. We could divide $6 in toonies amongst ourselves. The waiter brings back $1, and I think he's joking around again - so I ask him in a joking tone "Where's the rest of it?" He looks a bit confused, so I say, I gave you $60.04 for the check. And then he claims that I gave $55.
So I'm getting upset now, and he goes back to the manager to clarify. She asks him if he saw how much was in the billfold (in Chinese mind you) and he says he's not sure. They refuse to give me our $5.
Now, I'm not one to squabble over $5. So I just say to them "Okay, I know I gave you guys $60. I'm not gonna argue over five bucks with you - you can either give me my money, or I'll just just take my business elsewhere next time." All the employees just look at me awkwardly and say “You gave me $55." I tell them to keep the dollar and the three of us walk out.I have had people mischarge me for things and correct the situation, but never so blatant as to REFUSE to return change. I could tell the manager had no sense of trying to correct the situation or preserve business.It bothers me that they could be doing this to every table they get, when it's blatantly robbing people of money.I don't care about the $5, but if people spread the word about this, maybe they'll realize they can't do this to people and expect business.

reviewed by Cozmic E,   visited on 2007-11-17 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $15  
I would not come back. They were unprofessional and discriminate to non-asians. I am chinese and went with 3 other caucasians. We were 4 ppl and supposed to get a free BC crab but were told by the guy at the front (assuming he is part of the owners) that these were complimentary and they were out.(It was only 8pm) Needless to say part way through our meal I saw that them bring out a plate with a BC crab! They servers were not attentive, told us they only have ginger ale and mostly spoke Mandarin only to us. I would also say the cleanliness of the tables and utensils are very questionable. At least give me a min. level of service if you have a service charge.

reviewed by Romeojuliet,   visited on 2007-01-08 ,  overall
The price is unfair, it was late night and they said is $11 something/person but instead when the bill came is $15/person, so be careful when you went there to eat.

It was so dissapointed, I would never come again!!!!!!!!!!!! Dissapointed..........!!!!!!!!

reviewed by chalenegirl,   visited on 2006-09-24 ,  overall
Tags: hot pot

also: after 10pm the AYCE hot pot is only $11-$14 (depending on if u want seafood)

they have great selection of AYCE ingredients and soups. the service is quick too. all the burners/stoves cook by convection so it's cool to the touch (no more sweating from the heat of the gas flame) and a smooth black surface on the table. everybody gets their own pot to cook soup in.
also they have a sauce station that you can mix your own sauces with minced garlic, seseme seed oil, chili oil, hot peppers, corriander, green onions, bbq sauce, soy sauce, vineger, chive sauce, fish sauce, egg, etc.and a free drink station!
everything is unlimited!! very clean place. one of my faves

reviewed by May,   visited on 2006-07-16 ,  overall
I want to recommand "Rolling Pot" buffet restaurant which located next to Pacific Mall. They have good food, good services (90% of the servers are cute boys) and clean washroom. If you have a chance, you should go.

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