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The Roxton

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Location: 379 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON
Ossington St / Harbord St
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(416) 535-8181
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Cuisine: Bar and Grill  Burgers  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by g,   visited on 2009-11-28 ,  overall
terrible service...none of my friends or i will ever be going back here. firstly, they ran out of vodka, gin, jagermeister, and jack daniels by 1 am on a saturday night. wtf? service at our tables was pretty much non-existant after the first round of drinks, despite the fact that we were there for a couple of hours. proceeded to order two sicilian kisses, from some hipster dude at the bar who was completely out of it and more interested in texting away on his cell phone than actually serving customers. out of laziness, he begrudgingly asked if i wanted the shots chilled, which i obviously did because that's how they are supposed to be served... and then he proceeded to over-charge me for them even though i could clearly see their actual price on the computer screen behind the bar. pretty awful...

reviewed by tbonetak,   visited on 2006-09-27 ,  overall
I have to agree with you on the ribs, bestandworst. I had them a few months ago and was quite underwhelmed. They had an overly bitter taste that I didn't enjoy.

As for the burger, I found it just OK. My first thought upon tasting it was, 'Old El Paso.' I later narrowed it down to being just an abundance of cumin, but once you've got 'taco seasoning' in your head, it's hard to shake.

It's a pity, too, because those are the only two times I've eaten there - otherwise I think the place (location, atmosphere, service) is great - and each time I've been disappointed by the food and jealous of what other people I'm

reviewed by bestandworst,   visited on 2006-09-25 ,  overall
I guess i need to go back for the burgers because we both ordered ribs and certainly would not return for them.

Two camps out there. Fall off the bone 'tender' and still on the bone with bite. I am not a fan of boil n bbq ribs. I don't like when the bone falls out and the meat falls apart. if you like that, you will probably like these ribs. They are very tasty. But then you also have to like eating cold sides with your bbq ribs, because I don't like that either. We received cold potato salad which was delicious and cold cabbage slaw which came directly out of the fridge. These choices made no sense especially given that they serve hot roasted potatoes with the burger. If anything we thought the burger could handle the potato salad, but not the ribs, especially for the price. The slaw tasted of nothing other than vinegar too, so we didn't even eat it.

Our neighours had burgers and chicken souvlaki. The burgers looked great. The woman eating souvlaki complained that the rice was 'crappy' and there wasn't much chicken.

Back for the burger and beer because the place is very nice.

reviewed by Johnathan,   visited on 2006-09-22 ,  overall
Dinner for two one night about two weeks ago, sitting out on their patio. Was walking by and decided to have a seat. What started as a beer or two (Stella - acceptably priced) turned into soup (cannot remember what it was, but it was great) salad (nice) and large dinner servings - quesadilla and something else(cant remember that either).

Main courses were about $12, starter was $5 or 6.

Chairs on the patio were a bit uncomfortable for me, but not too bad. Noticed that the inside was rather dimly lit. Great music though and the server was great - and she was damn cute too. Definitely going back soon - apparently quite popular after work / early evenings. Great addition to the neighbourhood.

reviewed by ognir,   visited on 2006-08-08 ,  overall
This is a little place on Harbord, south side just before Ossington. It has no sign, just a series of blue diamond-shaped lights on the wall outside. I've been there for the burger three times now, and it is out of this world. Actually, all the food is good. I've eaten a number of things off the menu and been very happy.

It can seem pretty scenesterish at times, but it's actually very much a neighbourhood place. Very chillaxed.

I rate it as one of the top three I've had in my life. The others being from The Spoke Club, on King St in Toronto, and La Paryse, in Montreal.

reviewed by jamesm,   visited on 2006-07-08 ,  overall
Tags: burger
The Roxton is a great little spot for people in the College-Harbord-Bloor area who want to avoid the cheesiness of the main college strip, and have decent meal and a beer on a patio. The burgers are really good.

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