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Dante's Italian Foods

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Location: 267 Bay Thorn Dr, Thornhill, ON
Hwy7 / Yonge
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(905) 881-1070
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Website: http://www.dantesitalian.ca/
Cuisine: Italian  Pizza  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Frank,   visited on 2008-11-26 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $15   Tags: Will never be back
Pardon the images that follow, but very disappointed by my visit to Dante's. I don't get alot of nights out, so when I get the rare opportunity, I appreciate quality. Waitress' hair was a huge distraction. Looked like a Russian bear's ass in the Springtime. All waitresses had the same big bum, which is not appetizing. The food tasted like it was days old, like boiled old shoes. The Italian fiesta tasted like a discarded condom. Service rude. Used to be a good place, what happened????
Someone please call Gordon Ramsey, this place needs a serious attitude adjustment.

reviewed by Gord,   visited on 2008-10-25 ,  overall
Tags: Customer Service Sucks at Dantes
We ordered take out on Saturday night and were told the food would be ready in 1/2 hour for pick-up. When we got there the food wasn't ready, so no problem if they're running a bit late, afterall it's a busy Saturday night. So we paid and waited...and waited...and waited.

Over an hour later, the food still wasn't ready and then we were told that they still hadn't even started preparing our order! Totally unacceptable!! Needless to say, we asked for a refund and don't plan on ever going back there again.

The food used to be very good, we used to order from them all the time. Apparently they are now under new management, so don't know, and at this point, don't really care if the food is still any good, because I'm never going back there.

There are way too many good restaurants around to put up with crappy, rude and unprofessional service!!

reviewed by Brian,   visited on 2008-08-15 ,  overall
Tags: Bad Management
The Attitudes of management and order staff at this establishment are appalling. I had placed delivery order for some food from this establishment. 15 Minutes later I called to cancel the order stating and emergency family situation/personal reasons. The disrespectful management at the establishment asked why I had ordered food if I didn’t want it. Needless to say 15 minutes ago there was no family emergency now there was I was performing a courtesy by calling and not leaving them to deliver product to any empty house. For this trouble I was informed that if I didn’t come and pickup the food myself I was to be black listed and could never order from this establishment again. Needless to say I after this treatment I would never order from this establishment again. It turns out the family member whom the emergency situation was about passed away a few hours later.

reviewed by Disappointed,   visited on 2008-08-09 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $25   Tags: Pizza, Pasta
My boyfriend and I went to Dante's on Saturday night and what a disapointment! We've heard many great things about this place so we decided to check it out. This place did not even come close to our expecatations!
My boyfriend is of Italian herriage so we know what is good Italian food and what's not. Dante's was not!
The service was extremely slow! It took over an hour for our order to be ready (and we picked it up ourselves). All we ordered was a large pizza and a veal sandwich - which came to $45.00!! I dont mind paying the money for good food, but this was garbage!
The pizza dough was too thick and hard, the toppings were out of contol! You couldn't even taste the sauce or dough since it was all toppings. They also screwed up our order by putting on 2 extra toppings that we didn't order.
The veal sandwich was also so overloaded with toppings that you couldn't taste the veal! It tasted just like a panino with vegetables.
Overall it was a HUGE disappointment and we will definitely never go back! It was totally overated! Do yourselves a favour and don't waste your time or your money!

reviewed by D,   visited on 2008-02-18 ,  overall
We hav ebeen clients of Dante's for 20 years and the food is excellent.

However, our Valentine's was ruined and we are never ordering or recommending them again.

They told us it wouls take 45 minutes, when we phoned at the 1 1 /2 hour mark we were told it was coming (their stock answer), and 20 mins later they lied again and said the same thing. Two hours later the food arrived and the female on the phone just shut the phone on us for bothering to call.

Great businesses grow and fall on the basis of service in the food industry. If this is how they provide service then I guess thay are so successful they no longer give a hoot about their customers.

reviewed by Rehabilitated,   visited on 2007-01-08 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $12   Tags: pasta,pizza,veal,meatballs,salad
Introduced more people to Dante's fab cuisine, they are hooked! Excellent flavour and great variety too, we'll be back!

reviewed by EB_TO,   visited on 2006-09-12 ,  overall
Finally tried Dante's delivery last night. We wanted to try something other than our usual (Domino's).

I didn't realize how big the pizza was so I ordered 2 large pizzas. Wow, are those huge. My brother and I who were eating did not even get through one (which is usually the case when we order at Domino's). So we have plenty left over for lunch today. Also ordered garlic bread with cheese which was also nice (4 big slices).

Was very happy with the food. Yeah, it's more expensive than Domino's but boy did we get our fill!

reviewed by superizzy,   visited on 2006-08-18 ,  overall
went for dinner last night.

Pretty much a rehash of what others have already said.

Portions were massive. Food was excellent.

We ordered the Italian Fiesta (meatballs, veal, sausage, etcin red sauce ) > Came with huge side salad (basic green iceberg but nice). The meatballs were especially good.

Lasgna, very very good.

Super Deluxe Pizza. The amount of toppings they put on is mind boggling compared to most chain places.

Onion rings . Wow delic, andagain huge portions.

Bill was aroun $80 and we probably ordered enough for 6 people

reviewed by Trisha,   visited on 2006-07-24 ,  overall
As far as I am concerned, there is NO other pizza which compares to Dantes! They are outstanding! I visited Toronto and the surrounding townships fairly recently, and was lucky enough to have tried a Dantes Pizza via a friend of mine.

NOW...I live was born and live in Southern California. There are many local pizza eateries, Hollywood style "Wolfgang Puck" type pizzas, California Pizza kitchens...yadda yadda yadda.

NOTHING compares to the quality, freshness, taste and value (you get what you pay for) than a Dantes pizza. My only gripe is that I have to fly over Two thousand miles to get one! I had their pizza on more than one occasion. Each time, their pizza was delivered piping hot, heaped with whichever toppings I specified. And sure, it is a bit more than "regular" pizza. But they are not regular in any sense of the word. Their pizza is fantastic! I didnt mind paying more than the conventional pizza because you truly got your moneys worth and more.

I would whole heartily recommend Dantes Pizza to anyone in the area, and especially to the tourist who visits Ontario. You owe it to yourself to find this hidden treasure!

reviewed by kerwintoronto,   visited on 2006-07-04 ,  overall
I agree. My wife and I have seen Dante's delivery cars around our area for years but finaly tried it earlier this year and are hooked. The pizzas are definitey a touch more dear than chain pizzas but well worth it.

Their entrees and salads are huge for the $ and decent value...enough for lunch the next day if I don't split it over dinner.

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