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Banaboia Restaurant

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Location: 501 Rogers Road, York, ON
Keele St / Rogers Rd
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(416) 654-0967
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Cuisine: Portuguese  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Linsey james,   visited on 2009-02-14 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $12  
My experience at Banaboia was over all a good one. The
establishment is clean. The food is fresh and prices are reasonable.
The service there was excellent, I was served by a waiter there by
the name of Sergio. I think service is really important and therefore
I will continue going back due to my experience with him. He was
very personable, friendly and professional. I hope the owners of
the establishment realize what a good employee they have and
treat him well. So people go in have a good meal and meet Sergio
the exceptional waiter.

reviewed by TorontoJo,   visited on 2006-09-16 ,  overall
Oh! Is that where they went?! Banaboia was one of the first Portuguese restaurants that I ever ate at (with my Portuguese ex :o) and I loved it. Back then it was on College St. Thanks for unearthing this little gem for me.

reviewed by Hondapendragon,   visited on 2006-09-15 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $25  
One of my favourite restaurants in Toronto.
It's a small little family run Portugese restaurant that has excellent grilled meats.
My favourite dish is the Grilled pork and clams dish.. so yummy.
The service is excellent and at about $25 per person, it is a hit in my books.

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