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The Bagel House

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Location: 1722 Avenue Road, North York, ON
Lawrence ave / Avenue road
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(416) 781-0032
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Cuisine: Bakeries and Pastries  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Lori,   visited on 2008-08-17 ,  overall
these are far from monreal style bagels I like St urbain bagel much better the one in st lawrence market (st urbain bagel) is the real deal much better than bagel house should visit there

reviewed by Peter,   visited on 2008-07-15 ,  overall
We enjoy the Montreal bagels here, however in the last year or so a noticeable fraction of the bagels have been slightly burnt. Either they're using untrained staff, or the baker is too rushed to notice the temperature & baking time. St Viateur's seldom burns their bagels, so it is an avoidable outcome.

reviewed by galambo,   visited on 2006-08-29 ,  overall
if you want toronto bagel... then thats fine. but Montreal... by EVERYONE who knows... the bagel house is the unfortantly the only one who comes close (i prefer the fairmount bagel with its wide variety, but alas not to be in TO)

reviewed by Yongeman,   visited on 2006-08-07 ,  overall
if you want mtl bagels, fresh. then the bagel house is where you should go. its on avenue road just above lawerence. made there, with an wood oven and the bagels are soked in honey water, just like 'back home'.

reviewed by Peter Cherches,   visited on 2006-04-07 ,  overall
Well, I did get to try Montreal Bagel House. The bagels, as well as the reviews were excellent. Thanks for the tips and the spirited discussion.

reviewed by rob,   visited on 2006-04-01 ,  overall
Bagel House makes a very good Montreal Bagel, no doubt and way better than St. Urbain. However it is no where near 100% equal to St. Viateur in Montreal. Maybe about 70-75% but no way 100%. Not nearly as light or delicate but still very good-as are all the other bagel joints you've mentioned.

reviewed by Jo,   visited on 2006-03-31 ,  overall
Tags: montreal bagels
if you want true Montreal bagels, you'll have to go to the Bagel House on Bayview, near Millwood, or on Avenue Rd., near Fairlawn. These are the real deal (and terribly addictive, for those who like Montreal style bagels).

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