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Gryfe's Bagel Bakery

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Location: 3421 Bathurst St, North York, ON
Bathurst st / Wilson ave
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(416) 783-1552
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Cuisine: Bakeries and Pastries  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by TorontoJo,   visited on 2006-08-27 ,  overall
Gryfe's bagels are not Montreal style. They're good, but definitely not Montreal bagels. Gryfe's bagels are soft and sort of puffy with tiny holes. Montreal bagels (like at the Bagel House) are denser with large holes.

reviewed by Yongeman,   visited on 2006-04-08 ,  overall
Yeah...the Gryfe's pizzas. Not a real pizza--sweet-ish tomato sauce, very soft crust, prepackaged in a plastic bag, but a great snack or lunch. My kids used to love to take them to school for lunch.

reviewed by spigot,   visited on 2006-04-02 ,  overall
Tags: pizza bagels, bagels
Another vote for Gryfe's!! You can get them at Lawrence, and also Whole Foods and Pusateri's in Yorkville.

Also - get the delicious, simple, soft, slightly tomato-sweet Gryfe pizza bagels. When my husband and I picked up a bag of six to try, we ate them ALL before we'd gone ten blocks. Then, we turned around and went back to pick up another bag - I kid you not.

reviewed by estufarian,   visited on 2006-03-31 ,  overall
If only other cities had something like a Gryfe's bagel!! One of the first places I go after returning from a trip is Gryfe's.
OK. Argue away about what is the best montreal-style bagel - they're denser, heavier and comforting. But the Gryfe's is much lighter with the crust being a different texture than the centre and well worth a try for anyone who wants to find the best Toronto can produce. Just don't go on a Sunday morning (lineups for minimum 30 minutes so they're certainly doing something right).
Gryfe's is a different style - lighter than a New York style (Montreal are denser). Give it a try and make up your own mind. The two styles are so different there'll never be agreement on what is 'best'. However, in the 'Toronto-style' Gryfe's usually is the consensus choice. Also available at a few specialty stores.

reviewed by ruth,   visited on 2005-05-22 ,  overall
My family and I moved to Toronto 14 years ago from Montreal and are still partial to Montreal bagels. They're solid and sweet as opposed to Toronto bagels that (IMHO) are just soft rolls with holes. Montreal bagels taste great right out of the wood-burning oven, but go stale quickly and by day two are only good toasted. Of course you will never convince a true Torontonian that Montreal bagels are the real deal. And many a heated debate has be had over this issue, I assure you. My friends and relatives from Toronto swear by Gryfe's!

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