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Niche Coffee & Tea Company

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Location: 1364 Danforth ave, Toronto, ON
Danforth ave / Coxwell ave
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(416) 466-2547
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Website: http://www.nichecoffee.com/
Cuisine: Cafe  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by foodietwoshoes,   visited on 2006-11-04 ,  overall
Niche is not only a welcome addition to the East end... it's also a welcome addition to the scene for coffee purists. It's a breath of fresh air to go to a place that makes their espresso-based drinks in the European tradition.

reviewed by lissar,   visited on 2006-08-06 ,  overall
My Mom and I went there yesterday for lunch. She had the grilled cheese and I had the stuffed cinnamon toast, and both were good. It seems very upscale for te area. I'm glad it's opened.

reviewed by neighborguy,   visited on 2006-08-04 ,  overall
Dropped in on a recent Sunday afternoon without having lunch for a coffee and snack. The grilled-to-order sandwich was delish and hit the spot. As there are not many places like it on this part of the Danforth, it was quite enjoyable sitting there with the paper, coffee and sandwich.

Those of us who live in the area should make a point of visiting if we want to keep (and grow!) this kind of neighborhood business around.

reviewed by Full tummy,   visited on 2006-08-03 ,  overall
I have been to Niche a number of times now. Staff are friendly, and the sandwiches are yummy. My partner and I have enjoyed a number of coffee and tea options, and all were excellent. It's neat as a pin, unlike some of the alternatives in the area, and definitely worthy of neighbourhood support.

reviewed by hoagy294,   visited on 2006-08-02 ,  overall
They have a limited menu, it's more of a coffee shop with squares and some cakes. They do have bagels, grilled sandwiches, challah with nutella but there isn't a kitchen so you won't get a proper meal.

The coffee is good. I've had both the decaf which they make fresh for you with the espresso machine(and it's still hard to get a good cup of decaf at other coffee shops) and the Danforth blend. We so desperately need more business like Niche along this stretch of Danforth!

reviewed by julesrules,   visited on 2006-07-13 ,  overall
This is a great new cafe, north side between Greenwood and Coxwell. Just in appearance alone, it raises the bar for that stretch of the Danforth. Good selection of baked goods, but also some interesting sweet sandwiches - love the grilled cinnamon challah stuffed with cream cheese. They also have savoury panini and, a muffulata - haven't tried these but hear good things. The owner and staff are eager to please but professional.

They also have their own signature coffee blends and you can buy beans. But I can't comment on the coffee because I am in love with their REAL iced tea, that is BREWED.TO.ORDER. The best iced tea I've had in town, you can select from any of their kinda-fancy tea varieties.

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