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Restaurant Tony de Luca

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Location: 160 Front St, Niagara On The Lake, ON
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(905) 468-7900
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Website: http://www.tonydeluca.ca/
Cuisine: Fine Dining  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by foodieluv,   visited on 2006-09-28 ,  overall
Just had dinner with my husband. The tasting menu was amazing. Caught a glimpse of someone familar in the kitchen, Matt James from Lure Restaurant on the Vineyard. We knew the food tasted fresh and original. Very similar to what we experienced at Lure. We'll be sure to come back to see what wonderful treats will be waiting for us in the fall.

reviewed by RYP,   visited on 2006-08-15 ,  overall
A couple of weeks ago my DH and I had the pleasure of dinning at Tony deLuca’s new restaurant in Niagara-on-the-lake. I had wanted to try this restaurant since I heard about its opening.

We both opted for the well priced tasting menu with wine pairings. We spent three relaxing hours enjoying the fabulous cuisine.

This is what we had: Malpeque oyster (so fresh and sweet), corn soup with smoked paprika, guinea Hen terrine with walnuts and tomato vinaigrette, lobster newburg with summer squash and peas, pan seared quail, foie gras on toast (this was not on the menu but we were told the kitchen was feeling inspired so they surprised us!), cumbrea farm rib eye with pomme puree and cabernet jus, brie de meaux, and finally peach assiette for dessert.

All the food was wonderfully prepared and tasted amazing. I especially loved the corn soup and rib eye. I would not hesitate to recommend or go back to this restaurant again!

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