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Stone Road Grille

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Location: 238 Mary Street, Niagara On The Lake, ON
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(905) 468-3474
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Website: http://www.stoneroadgrille.com/
Cuisine: Fine Dining  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Tara9000,   visited on 2006-08-17 ,  overall
While not a winery, I had a great meal last weekend at Stone Road Grille. Fantastic food and service.

There is also a good review of this place and other restaurants in NOTL in this month's Toronto Life.

reviewed by Gourmando,   visited on 2006-07-08 ,  overall
I had a terrific meal last night at Stone Road Grille. Their popularity is understandable.

We'd reserved a table for 4 at 8:00 on a Thursday, and were a little delayed. It was a good thing that I called to tell them we'd be late, because our table was the only one available in the place. There was a couple waiting there to see if we'd show up, and they had to leave disappointed.

I didn't take any notes, so the details of my companions' dinners are a little hazy. Their appetizers were a raw tuna with goat's (maybe sheep's) milk cheese on crisp toast that was melt-in-your mouth heavenly, and crab spring rolls that disappeared before I had a chance to taste them. I gather they were good, too. Their mains included the steak frites (which my wife enjoyed very much), and a lamb mixed grill that also disappeared quickly. The maple creme brulee with walnut drop cookies and the "Nanaimo Bar" were both given a solid "OhmyGodthisisgood!".

My appetizer was 6 malpeque oysters on the half-shell, drizzled with a house gastrique that had shallots and finely diced red peppers. Slurp!

I had the same main (duck) and dessert (butter tart) as Thom, and I agree with his comments. I was surprised that there was no vegetable with the duck, and would have ordered something different as an appetizer if I'd realized that. The portion looked small, but it was very rich. The ravioli was very nice, with a hint of fennel, and the consomme was very complex, with a superb depth of flavours (the most pronounced being molasses, I thought). The butter tart and bourbon ice cream were delightful. I could have sat there for an hour just smelling the butter tart, but my ice cream would have melted.

Service was excellent, and the place was still bustling when we left at about 10:30. As previously noted, the restaurant is in a little strip mall, with blacked-out windows at night, and a sign that simply says "Rest". Inside, the restaurant is warm, inviting, and rich. My wife's comment on the atmosphere was "I really never would have guessed that this place was behind that door. When I came inside, I felt like I had been let in on a good secret." Well said, Dear.

reviewed by Attknee,   visited on 2006-07-06 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $30  
Went there for lunch yesterday. I had the spring rolls and my wife had the oysters for appetizers. The spring rolls were good, but not special. The oysters on the half shell were excellent with their own sauce already on them. I enjoyed the sauce which had, amongst other things, paprika in it, but others might prefer to put on the sauce on themselves. My wife had the risotto which she liked. I have the mini-bison burgers and fries. The burgers were quite small but were very tasty. The fries came in their own bag and were crisp and hot. We did not have room for dessert. The whole meal, with a beer and 2 cosmos, came to about $60.00. I found the service to be friendly and attentive. I would go back.

reviewed by Thom,   visited on 2006-07-02 ,  overall
After a nice Sunday afternoon visiting the wineries at Niagara-On-The-Lake, we decided to drop by Stone Road Grille for dinner, without reservation. We were lucky to get the last table available. This is a popular place, so it is recommended to make reservations in advance.

The cozy and charming restaurant with bright red and yellow walls had a lively atmosphere, the dining room was dimly lit, showcasing several paintings on the walls. The dark wood bar taking most of the far side of the dining room anchored it solidly, in contrast to the eclectic tables and chairs throughout the room.

While we were looking at our menus, I was quietly observing the dishes that other patrons had ordered, and salivating in anticipation of a great meal. I was particularly impressed with a beautiful seafood pasta dish that a lady at the table across from ours was enjoying.

We were served two kinds of bread, white and brown, with butter. Very simple.

A friend started with green salad with crutons and citrus dresing. The greens were fresh and the refreshing citrus dressing was perfect for the warm evening.

I had the risotto with seared scallops. The jumbo scallops were nicely prepared, firm but tender inside. The risotto was creamy and tasty, but in my opinion the touch of genious was the finely diced lemon that peppered the entire risotto, providing a surprising citrus flavor that complemented the scallops very well. I loved the dish, but my other friend who had ordered the same dish hated it, she could not stand the citrus flavor permeating the risotto.

For the main course, my friends ordered the steak with frites. To our suprise, the steak was served sliced with bechamel sauce. The frites were smartly served on a side clay pot, which kept the frites crispy and warm. Unfortunately this dish received warm reviews.

I decided to be adventurous, and instead of the seafood pasta, I ordered duck prepared three ways. Duck breast served atop three duck raviolis in a duck consome. The duck ravioli had a intense flavor, which went well with the tender and moist duck breast. The duck consome was more delicate in flavor, accompanied by fresh chives. The dish was very good, but was on the small side in my opinion.

To finish the meal, I ordered a butter tart for dessert with a cup of coffee. The butter tart was served with a scoop of bourbon vanilla ice cream. The unassuming little tart turned out to be fantastic, with lots of raisins and nuts and the wonderful bourbon ice cream. Very rich, more appropriate for winter, but still a nice dessert at any time of the year.

Service was good, with room for improvement. Dinner for one including appetizer, main, dessert, juice and coffee came to $60 with tax and tip. It was a pleasant experience and I would recommend this restaurant.

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