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Eastern Twist

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Location: 501 Passmore Ave, Scarborough, ON
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(416) 332-8083
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Cuisine: Asian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by SBC,   visited on 2007-07-02 ,  overall
this is the best food i have ever had!!!
i love the grill chicken wih rice!
also the coconut rice is amazing!
i would really recomend the zafrani palau and the butter chicken wrap!

reviewed by ali_rashid,   visited on 2006-09-03 ,  overall
Eastern Twist is an excellent take out place. It has good service and great food. When I went I was so nicely greeted and assisted. I enjoyed their paratha wraps, they are delicious, the meat is so tender and has no fat. I also loved the khaw sway (noodles in coconut milk) it is the first place where I have eaten food that is cooked so well with a western style yet it has authenticity!

reviewed by hw,   visited on 2006-05-29 ,  overall
I have never tasted food like this before, search the whole of Toronto and you will find there is nowhere with such a menu and extremely well prepared food. Clean, friendly and inviting environment, an amazing experience overall. Very cheap for the kind of food and service, they should increase their prices; I would still continue to go there.

reviewed by The_PZA,   visited on 2006-03-11 ,  overall
As the other reviews said, fantastically nice owners - it's clear they love the food and restaurant. Just ask about how long they take to clean and cut their meat so it's fat and vein free. The paratha wraps are worth the trip and search in this industrial area alone; the coconut soup needs a little more something-something, but the sweet'n'sour chicken is wonderfully flavourful, a great job of multilayered spicing. Very recomended.

reviewed by Airplane,   visited on 2006-02-19 ,  overall
The food is fresh and the workers/owners are really nice. The place is also very clean. I recommend the chicken paratha wraps over the beef ones, they are a lot tastier. The wraps are also huge and fairly priced.

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