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Hot Wok

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Location: 7 Progress Ave, Scarborough, ON
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(416) 293-5342
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Cuisine: Chinese  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Yasmine,   visited on 2009-11-25 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $8   Tags: Hakka, chinese
Food is excellent. Hot and sour soup is worth a try. Hakka
chow mein is delicious. Not to be missed, if you are in the

reviewed by alan,   visited on 2009-03-24 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $9  
enjoyed and had a great time in this small little restaurant. food is too good,you must try, highly recommented.

reviewed by rob,   visited on 2008-09-24 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $12   Tags: Hakka, Chinese
This restaurant, tucked away in a tiny plaza, is among the best Hakka restaurants I've tasted. I'll call a spade a spade, there is nothing special about the decor or service, its average. But the food. Oh my gosh. Specifically, the Manchurian Chicken, Chilli Chicken and Curry dishes. Some of the best I've had in many, many years. I fell in love with Hakka food about 7 or 8 years ago. Specifically, Bombay Chopsticks in Mississauga. I've been trying to find a place all this time that made Manchurian Chicken that well (including Chopsticks, as they changed their recipe). Lin Garden, China Cottage, Fredrick's, Danforth Dragon, Rasa Sayang, etc. Tried them all. Some are good, others just OK. But Hot Wok has done it. Highly recommended.

reviewed by Arthur,   visited on 2008-04-17 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $12   Tags: Chinese Hakka Indian Halal
There is NO better Hakka-Indian place in the GTA, including
Miss, Hamilton, Oshawa, Newmarket - anywhere.
These are by far the best two Chefs anywhere for this type of
food. The place is friendlier than any other, and has some funky
Italian/Chinese/Indian style that would make interior designers
Faley's is run by a brother, and is busier, but Hot Wok has
superior food and atmosphere.
Since people come in by front and back doors, in the winter it
can be a bit cold (wear your coat inside).
Don't ask for what is popular - ask for what the chefs
recommend based on what you like to eat. They will make things
just for you if you ask nicely....

reviewed by Evan,   visited on 2008-02-19 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $7   Tags: hakka chinese food
I was recommended by my customer to try this place which I m happy that I did. Their food are freshly cooked in front of you as they have open concept kitchen. Food are superb and so are the prices. You should try their fish Pakora, Manchurian chicken, hot&sour soup and yes,always ask the Chef for recommendation,he is a friendly and love to talk Chef.

reviewed by Bala,   visited on 2008-01-26 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $8   Tags: halal hakka chinese food
This is one of the hakka restaurant I would recommend everybody to try. Food are fresh and tasty,huge quantity at a reasonable price. Right now,they have MARCH BREAK SPECIAL, BUY 1, get the 2nd same dish at 1/2 price. They are situated at 7 Progress Ave, (Kennedy/PROGRESS) Scarborough. Phone no : 416/2935342. Do try.............

reviewed by Sam,   visited on 2007-09-10 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $12   Tags: Spicy sweet chinese indian
I would eat at this place every day if I could. Been coming here
for a year now, and I still do not tire of it. If you don't have a
good time and a good meal here, it's certainly not the fault of
the owners/chefs.
Come here with a positive attitude, or looking to be cheered up,
and you'll leave happy, and feeling like you just had a meal at a
good friend's house. And what a meal! Spicy, sweet, just don't
order anything that sounds "familiar". If in doubt, ask.

This place packs the most amazing punch into such a small
space - one of Scarborough's best kept secrets, they have a
constant stream of take-out. But, if you're not on the go, you're
crazy not to sit at a table and swap stories with the owners.

Think of the tv show "Cheers", except it's not a bar, and you are
the center of attention. And yes, they really will remember your

reviewed by Jeff,   visited on 2007-09-03 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $10   Tags: Chinese Indian Fusion
By far the best Indian-Chinese fusion restaurant in Toronto, and
my Hakka friends agree with me. If you're ordering regular Chinese
food, then you'll get regular fare. For a good meal, ask the owners
(who do the cooking too) what they would recommend.
Hot Wok Special chicken, fish pakoras, ben gan beef, chili fish (dry),
hot wok special rice, marinated chicken, manchurian anything.....all
washed down with a "homemade" mango juice.
Make sure to specify whether you can handle spicy foods or not -
but the spices are what makes their dishes stand out.
I've tried other Hakka places, and none compare - and I travel from
Bathurst & Steeles to get there whenever I can.

reviewed by Alex,   visited on 2007-08-02 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $12   Tags: Indian style Halal Hakka Chinese
I discovered this restaurant soon after it opened and have been going at least twice per month ever since. The presentation of the food is beautiful, the food itself is served piping hot and quickly, thus great for a quick lunch. The food varies from bland to savoury with the occasional moderately spicey dish - nothing that I've tried so far is super spicey, and the portions are HUGE. Their hot and sour soup is really good. The small bowl is more than enough to satisfy. It's a small restaurant with a nice small restaurant atmosphere, especially in the front (main) dining room. The staff are friendly and courteous. My only complaint is that sometimes I find their food a little too bland for my taste. The sweet and sour fish is an exception to this. Also, they took their Indian salad - a really hot onion salad - off the menu.

reviewed by aliaskary77,   visited on 2006-09-18 ,  overall
This is one of the best chinese halal places we have found in the GTA. The owner/chef is great, as are the staff. We have enjoyed many items on the menu, and have liked all of them. Gan Ben (crispy) is one of our favorites. By the way, this is the second location run and opertated by the same brothers that run Faleys.

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