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Samosa King

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Location: 5210 Finch ave E, Scarborough, ON
Finch ave / MoCowan rd
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(416) 332-0944
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Cuisine: Indian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Notasouthindian,   visited on 2009-02-22 ,  overall
Maha bakwaas samosas.Those who praise the samosas have never had proper samosas in India or elsewhere.Just because it is cheap doesn't mean u should die for it.They are the tiniest samosas I have ever seen plus it just boiled aloos in it.No taste at all :(.I threw all the samosas I bought.Waste.

Moreover, it is run by south indian people.Since when was south india famous for samosas.Go for dosas or idlis there but definitely not for snacks enjoyed in Rest of india like samosas, pakodas etc.

reviewed by Samosaholic,   visited on 2008-12-15 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $1   Tags: samosa
I am here to confess that I am samosaholic. I discovered this place few years ago and just love it. The best way to enjoy the samosa is on the Rainy or Snowy day sitting in your car parked right outside the store and eat them just as they came out of the oven. Please save the environment by turning the engine off :)
PS: Don't forget to get the red and green Chutney!

reviewed by RPT,   visited on 2008-07-14 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $1   Tags: Samosa
I can't believe that they are still selling Samosas at 5 for $1. They are a bit smaller than many other restraunts make but that makes them perfect for a party. Excellent value.

reviewed by Mike,   visited on 2008-01-24 ,  overall
The samosas cost 20 cents because they are 50% dough and lack virtually all flavour. I will never buy from this place again. I don't understand how these are considered the best samosas. I guess the "cheap" makes people think they taste good.

Do yourself a favour and get your samosas elsewhere.

reviewed by James QL,   visited on 2006-12-10 ,  overall
5 samosas for $1. after reading the reviews, i went all the way to samosa king on saturday afternoon. I think it was around 1 or 2pm and there were over 20 people in the line. You line up against this loooong indian desert counter and moving forward with the colourful desert by your side. tempting... but i know i won't like them as it is too sweet for me.

anyway, most of people here are for the samosas. veggie and a little spicy. taste good and decent price. if not for the distance, i would go back.

btw, my friend mentioned there is a better one on middlefield rd and north of finch.. i have to find out...

reviewed by dinin and dishi,   visited on 2006-08-21 ,  overall
I finally made my way to Samosa King and it was definitely worth the trip to Middlefield and Finch. I bought 15 of these little babies and was blown away. By far the best Samosa's I've ever had. What impressed me most was how moist the potato filling was. Usually the filling is dry and stuffed too full. These were looser and moist and mmmmmmm too good to be true. Each one had a slightly different flavour that gave them a home-made feel rather than a factory uniformity. They are smaller than others I've had and they were still warm in the bag. I picked up 15 about 12 hours ago and I have 3 left - OMG - remember they are smaller. This is the part where I stand up and say my name is DND and I am a samosaholic. I think this is an addiction I won't be fighting. But I will definitely have to watch my waistline.
Thanks for a most excellent recommendation.
I just wish I could find some as good closer to the core.

reviewed by Derksen,   visited on 2006-08-16 ,  overall
I tried the Samosa King last night. I ordered the Meat Thali which came with 1 meat, 2 veg, rice and naan for $4.99. I decided on the curry chicken, cauliflower and chick peas. The curry chicken had a nice flavour, and the meat was moist, but a very small portion (2 pieces which looked like very small thighs, bone included). The chick peas were tasty, but I didn't care for the cauliflower. Rice was par. Not great. Naan was a little rubbery in texture.

Then came some breaded jalapeno peppers which the man assured me were not hot. I couldn't resist but snack as I drove home back downtown. Well, needless to say, they were spicy. Very spicy. Spicy enough that I pulled out the old college trick of opening the non-twist off top of the Elephant brand cream soda with my car key anchored over my fist. I think I have since lost that skill without practice, but my mouth was still steaming when I managed to open it 5 minutes later. Tasty, just not sure if it's worth the sacrifice??

I also picked up 15 Samosas as they sell 5 for $1. 20 measly cents for a samosa. Can you believe it? Not to mention that these things are tasty! Way tastier then expected. Delicious in fact. I had to resist from polishing off the whole bag before I got home. I managed to resist the great temptation, and only ate 4! They were packed with potato, spice and peas that I could notice. Simple, but perfect. Delicious light crispy exterior with moist, hot and fresh interior. Next time, I will be ordering plenty more to freeze! Yum. This morning, I couldn't wait for lunch to eat the leftovers, so I ate them between meetings. Ended up having a crappy turkey sandwich from Starbucks.... blah!

Also, tried some Indian desserts for the first time. Not sure about these. The display case looked amazing, I couldn't resist. Beautifully crafted desserts in a rainbow of colours. Some flaked in silver leaf. I asked the server to pack 4 that he enjoyed. They were extremely oily (at least it seemed like oil). I don't think I have developed the palette for these.

reviewed by xang,   visited on 2005-07-01 ,  overall
i was introduced to embassy samosa king by my gf about a yr & a half ago, and since then, it's become almost a ritual to pick up some samosas and other delicious snacks on a biweekly basis .. i can't think of a three week stretch when i haven't paid them a visit ..

just before dinnertime on wkdays and wkends, the line-ups here can be crazy .. easily 15 deep, translating to a 20-25 minute wait .. for take-out !! they have display counters for sweets (sold by weight), hot foods/curries (butter chicken, paneer, channa masala), and deep fried snacks. i've only tried the sweets once -- they were ok, my favourite being a green/white pistachio sweet.

the samosas (5 for $1) -- these are what keep this place running so smoothly. customers will come in and order 20, 40, 80 samosas. the shopkeeps don't even blink. this is normal for them. 5 for a dollar, this place would kill in downtown toronto. imagine that, lunch for a buck.

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