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The Sultan's Tent & Cafe Moroc

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Location: 49 Front St E, Toronto, ON
Front st / Church st
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(416) 961-0601
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Website: http://www.thesultanstent.com/
Cuisine: Middle Eastern  Moroccan  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by tofrankie,   visited on 2006-08-20 ,  overall
Had dinner at Sultans tent for the first time on Tuseday night.

The space and furnishings were very nice and comfortable. 8/10

The service was very informative, knowledgeable and overall pleasant. 9/10

The wine list was slightly above average. More old world with an eye towards France 6.5/10

The food was quite good after all. The majority of the group quite enjoyed the entire meal and agreed that the apps were quite special themselves. For apps we had the maftouli, crab cakes, couscous, shrimp. And lamb, steak, lamb wallet, and ribs for dinner. 8/10

Entertainment-not really my cup of tea. However the crowd did enjoy it and it is unique. 8/10

Certainly a worthwhile dining choice and an interesting option for large groups as they have a very nice room/setup in the rear.

reviewed by Gratinatta,   visited on 2006-04-25 ,  overall
I had dined at the tent almost a month ago, pre- fix, good experience. We did meet the chef that night and were very impressed with his passion for food. He was a veteran of The Royal York's Epic(wow , great brunch!) and was involved with the first year of the Distillery Districts operation (I feel sorry for those poor fellas , dealing with those owners).The service was great that night, I love the bar with the bidet , and the Cafe is very charming.I will definately return.

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