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Moti Mahal

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Location #1: 1422 Gerrard Street E, Toronto, ON
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(416) 461-311
Location #2: 7850 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON
Woodbine ave / 14th ave
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(905) 943-9400
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Cuisine: Indian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Singhji,   visited on 2007-11-08 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $8  
It was awsome, I tried it for the first time after reading some reviews on it, and really by far the best place in town, I drove all the way from Hamilton and wouldn't mind going again. For sure it's something that I would want on a weekly basis.

reviewed by Rush,   visited on 2006-11-28 ,  overall
This place is absolutely wonderful. I have been coming to Moti Mahal (the one at Coxwell and Gerrard) since I was an eight year old girl. I'm 23 in a month and even though I do not go down wiht my parents anymore, I still bring down as many friends as possible to get them to try the awesomeness that is Moti Mahal.

reviewed by koknia,   visited on 2006-10-25 ,  overall
The butter chicken and malai kofta are basically in the same sauce, so it's better to get one or other, not both. Barely a week goes by that I don't have their veg thali. One of the busiest, most consistent places in India Town.

reviewed by cinda,   visited on 2006-09-27 ,  overall
Tags: butter chicken
Thanks for the input! I ended up placing an order for pick-up and got the butter chicken, malai kofta, channa and rice & naan. It was all delicious ~ esp the butter chicken. I just wish they'd delivered, but we'll be back!

reviewed by jay,   visited on 2006-09-13 ,  overall
they have BY FAR the best samosas. they're huge, greasy, and sooooo good :)

Every time I see this Sultan of Samosas place mentioned it makes me cringe.

reviewed by NovoCuisine,   visited on 2006-08-20 ,  overall
It looks cheap, it is cheap, but the food is anything but. Easily my favorite Indian food in the city. I'm all about a nice atmosphere when I'm dining but the food is good enough to make me forget about that. .Or I take out enough to eat for a week ;)

reviewed by jackackattack,   visited on 2006-08-12 ,  overall
You must try Moti Mahal....it's in the Coxwell and Gerrard area. The food is cheap and fantastic. We live in the High Park area and we would definitely make the drive over to eat their food.

reviewed by Mila,   visited on 2006-08-08 ,  overall
Tags: butter chicken
Love their butter chicken.
Didn't like the bhaji.
Overall very good and very cheap.
They don't deliver. Too bad.

Also try out Lahore Tikka across the street. Best Naan.

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