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Location: 1433 Gerrard Street E, Toronto, ON
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(416) 469-1500
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Cuisine: Buffet  Indian  

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reviewed by S and T,   visited on 2007-10-03 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $12   Tags: Will never ever go back, very unprofessional
2 people from Toronto (Indian) 1 person from Winnipeg. What a dissapointing experience. Naan was floury, was reminicent of commercially made pita. Raita we think was bad, made us sick. Butter chicken was ok, curry left something big to be desired, something was missing. Rice was good! Now the staff! They killed the whole experience, when it came time to pay, they didnt want to honor a coupon that we found in a booklet in their very own restaraunt! They said "I dont know where you got that from, somebody is using our name, we dont know..." After seeing how unpleased we were with the games they proceeded to still charge us without the use of the coupon. But came running out after apologised and gave it to us and invited us back to use it. What a joke.

reviewed by Lipant,   visited on 2006-08-23 ,  overall
The food was ok.... just ok. The chicken curry was quite good, as was the beef curry, but the Butter Chicken was sweetened with (sugar?)something! And the pakoras had obviously been made earlier and left to sit. We ate off the buffet... another thing I am not so fond of. It was ok, we had a good time, but another time we will try another place. One bright spot... as we walked by a little before opening, the waiter came bicycling up and locked his bike up in front. Then he remembered us when we went in to eat, and he was very nice and very pleasant.

Overall... I would say it was ok for a quick bite, if everything else is ruled out, but I have had far better.

reviewed by mummy2Luna,   visited on 2006-08-12 ,  overall
My friends and I enjoy evenings at Skylark on Gerrard. The decor leaves a bit to be desired and the staff can be a bit overwhelming at times, but lunch buffet is $7.99 and dinner buffet is only $2 more.

reviewed by rob,   visited on 2006-04-06 ,  overall
Gurnam Multani (owner) is a king among men. He peruses about his palace offering you ice cold water and a smile that would melt the butter off a lobster back. The food, if i may do it justice, is obviously made with an abundance of love. The naan is sweet and orgasmic and although they have been experiencing renovations for nearly 2 years the restuarant and its rest rooms stand among the finest in Little India, if not Toronto as a whole.

As a loyal Torontonian I have the utmost respect for our ethnic diversity and I've enjoyed Gurnam's cuisine at least a half dozen times. But when Mr. Multani had the dream to bring the taste of India to Gerrard Street East; my friends, we all became a little bit richer. Please help yourself to Mr. Multani's smile, and seconds of the Mango ice cream. Both, free of charge.

I don't know what the Hindi word for mouth-watering-consistency is, but if I knew, I would not feel complete without whispering it in Gurnam's ear as I daparted.

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