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Boom Shiva

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Location: 1180 Queen Street W, Toronto, ON
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(416) 538-1300
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Cuisine: Vegetarian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by capiscum,   visited on 2006-09-02 ,  overall
Boom Shiva was terrific. The "timbale" deservedly makes it into every review - it's thin strips of raw zucchini wrapped around a cannellini-sundried tomato-basil pureer. SO GOOD. All the little plates were yummy and the pasta special - rice penne with mushrooms - was savoury, with really rich flavours. They nicely split a $12 order of that into three bowls and it was still a good tasting size. The beer list is nice and long, too.

reviewed by alltummy,   visited on 2006-08-04 ,  overall
The place itself is small and the decor is not super. HOWEVER, the food was just excellent - probably some of the best veggie food I have had. I was very impressed with their sauces especially, i had an apple squash appetizer with a spicy caramel sauce that was quite excellent! i think i remember them having only organic wine- but i could be misremembering- what we had was good, from a Niagara winery(Frog Pond). There were only two other tables of people when we went, and it was stifling hot inside- no air conditioning on. Despite that the meal was excellent and I would recommend it.

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