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Los Arrieros Restautante

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Location: 752 Wilson Ave, North York, ON
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(416) 636-2318
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Website: http://www.losarrierosrestaurante.com/
Cuisine: Cafe  Colombian  Spanish  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by phoeniki,   visited on 2006-09-14 ,  overall
Had a nice meal at Los Arrieros tonight.
We started with the picada, a mixture of chorizo, bacon, chicharron, potatoes, plantanos, and arepas, as well as a guanabana and blackberry natural juice.

For my main, I tried the bandeja paisa. a huge platter of steak, chorizo,bacon, beans,rice, a fried egg, plantaim and avocado. My brave friend ordered the tongue in criolla sauce- a very tasty sauce. It came with cassava, potato and rice.

While we were there, a few other diners ordered some fish dishes which looked and smelled amazing.

Massive portions, reasonable prices and friendly service.

reviewed by James,   visited on 2006-08-31 ,  overall
I just went there tonight and really enjoyed it. one of us (6 total) is colombian and she recommened this place. She also mentioned that she tried the one in St clair and didn't like it. This place is real colombian food.

the decor is interesting with different kind of colombian things hanging on the wall. the table and chair, however, give a bit of fast-food resto impression.

for drinks we had Lulo, Mora (these two are bit sour and not my liking), natual juice, soda(not so special). my colombian friend had the Guanabana (Soursop in english and no it is not sour). i tried it and ordered one more. the natual juice, according to my friend is real natual. she liked it.

as for food, we started with the patty. very tasty, we would have ordered another round of it if not for the purpose of tasting different kind of dishes.

had the fried pork, meat platter ($16 i think),chicken, seafood (Red snapper), shrimp (bit small potion and not that special). most of the dishes are big potion.

the fries are surprising good and i can't resist eating it :)

we skipped the international section in the menu as we were there for the colombian.

coffee to end the meal. bill comes total $129(w/o tips). overall, very good meal and decent price.

although the owner and waitress don't speak much english, the service is very friendly.

the only gripe i have is that they don't serve alcohol.

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