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Location: 38 Wellington St E, Toronto, ON
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(416) 364-8478
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Cuisine: Ice Cream  

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reviewed by merlot,   visited on 2006-11-22 ,  overall
I've been to Solferino and really enjoyed it. I had the Belgian chocolate with orange and it was OMG heavenly! I tried the pistachio too. While it was tasty and authentic, it was a bit rich for my health-conscious tastebuds. The staff are very friendly. I hope this place does well. The setting isn't very cozy (glass and chrome), but for some reason I enjoyed passing time there the way I hope to at a Second Cup or Timothy's.

reviewed by icey,   visited on 2006-11-12 ,  overall
I love Solferino as well. I tried their "Staff Favourite" gelato a few weeks ago. it was chocolate-pepperoncino, and it was delicious with just the right spice level, and combined with the rich dark chocolate, it was a great combo. I also really like their Avocado flavour,& Belgian chocolate orange.

I heard that they were a really slow in the winter, and I feel bad because I love that place. I went there for their homemade chili, and it was pretty good. They also have great teas and espresso.

reviewed by cookbook,   visited on 2006-08-31
Solferino is a lovely option for those that are downtown and don't want to drive up to Bayview Village (I personally found Hollywood gelato to be a bit too sweet for me). The gelato flavours are wonderful- Belgian Chocolate Orange, Lulo (a tropical fruit from Colombia), and Passion Fruit all stand out as clear favourites. Plus their espresso and other coffees are also just as good. Perfect for lounging around with friends after dinner.

reviewed by jess,   visited on 2006-07-01 ,  overall
Went to Solferino for gelato and sorbetto on Friday afternoon, and I have to say it was really really good! The staff was really nice, and offering you a taste of whatever you wanted.

comparing the pisatchio gelato at Hollywood, I have to say the one at Solferino was excellent.

Definitley give it a try if you do/don't like it at Hollywood. Blood orange, tangerine, and avocado were also great! I thought the gelato here was all smooth, creamy and delicious. I will definitley be going back often.

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