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Location: 160 E Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, ON
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(905) 762-8816
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Cuisine: African  Indian  

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reviewed by James,   visited on 2006-08-30 ,  overall
a kenyan friend recommended this place and 8 of us went on wednesday.

the inside has a nice decor, not sure if it is indian or kenyan style. but it looks like there is live entertainment in weekend. there is also a section for lunch buffet too.

we started with app which all are deep fried. interesting and not bad. also ordered the kenyan beer (tusko ??), somewhat ligh and easy godown.

for the main, we order the fish, beef curry, tandoori, lamb, kebob. the fish disk is okay and i wouldn't order it next time. iirc, we ordered the lamb kebob which they only have one order. we are glad that they only have one order as it is really salty and mainly bone. the rest is pretty flavoruful.

the service is good.

few things i need to complain though are 1) the portion is bit too small and we had to order few more dishes 2) the tips are included with the bill

each main course is around $12, $14, $18. overall, this is not a cheap eat and we end up paying $35/person. although we kind of over-ordered the food and everyone is really full, it doesn't make much difference.

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