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Noon Restaurant

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Location: 1088 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON
Bathurst st / Dupont st
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(647) 436-0666
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Website: http://www.noonrestaurant.ca/
Cuisine: Breakfast  Sandwiches  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by marigold,   visited on 2007-07-08 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $15   Tags: noon, breakfast, brunch
I don't think this is brunch, more of a glorified breakfast/lunch place. Food is good, sandwiches tasty, but can be done at home too. Very "cool" atmosphere, not warm and inviting in service or mood. Went back recently but found closed for liquor license something or other. Curb appeal of the area is not that appealing either. Would not return just because it is not overly unusual; probably good as a neighbourhood quick eat or family "diner" place. Should stick to breakfast and focus on a "diner" atmosphere; upscale and the decor/service/environ do not go together.

reviewed by mickeyj,   visited on 2006-09-24 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $6  
I went yesterday and had the all-day breakfast. It was very good -- $6 for the "small" breakfast -- I got 2 poached eggs perfectly cooked; wholegrain toast (Ace bakery) with butter; potatoes -- boiled then tossed in a mixture of olive oil and butter; and I opted for the fruit salad (a bowl of blackberries, pineapple, grapes, strawberry and blueberries) instead of the meat option. Service was slow (but friendly), but the food was very good and I would definitely go back. Nice to have a good breakfast place in the hood.

reviewed by Edward J,   visited on 2006-09-13 ,  overall
Tags: all day breakfast, make-your-own sandwich
My girlfriend and I checked out this new restaurant in our neighbourhood, and were very pleased with the menu selection, food portions and the overall atmosphere of this restaurant.

I started off with an Americano, and ordered the Grilled Vegetable with Goat cheese, which came topped with red pepper, eggplant, zucchini, Portobello mushrooms, artichoke spread and just the right amount of roasted garlic on a lightly grilled rosemary foccaicia bun. It also came with a starter salad with a choice of dressings, all made from scratch. I was feeling adventurous and tried the Maple Dijon dressing, first time I’ve ever tried it, but definitely won’t be my last. This sandwich was fantastic!

My girlfriend had the Smoked Chicken Club Sandwich, another great menu item. What is really great is that they offer a make your own sandwich option. You get your choice of 1 Bread, 1 Meat (all organic), 1 Cheese and as many toppings as you like including grilled eggplant, homemade spreads and dressings.

They also offer a variety of all day breakfast items with portion sizes that are very generous.

The food is amazing, and the service is very friendly. Check it out, it is a smaller restaurant that sits about 30 people but the space is really bright and inviting. This is definitely our new favourite hangout spot for brunch on the weekends.

reviewed by fortheloveoffoo,   visited on 2006-08-10
The DH and I stopped by on the weekend for a couple sandwiches. We created our own - exceptionally tasty and given the quality and choice of [premium] ingredients, well worth the $10 price tag. Our only complaint was that the service was a little too laid back...

reviewed by faijay,   visited on 2006-08-09 ,  overall
I got a take out sandwich, Pulled Pork and it was quite good. The bread was especially delicious. The sandwiches on the menu were all appealing and you can build your own if you wish. It seems like it will be a winner.

reviewed by airsey,   visited on 2006-08-04 ,  overall
They serve an all day breakfast and lunch as well. Menu is online check it out. The space is pretty sparse right now and I was the only person there but they have a great variety of salads and sandwhiches including the make your own variety. I had the smoked chicken club.. which was great.. maybe because it was slathered in mayo.

p.s. I would not classify this in the brunch category though they do have items which are brunchified (eggs benny)

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