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Location: 1560 Yonge St, Toronto, ON
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(416) 979-9918
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Website: http://www.cavarestaurant.ca
Cuisine: Casual  Tapas  Wine Bar  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by food lover,   visited on 2009-11-15 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $75  
Had some wonderful tasting food but service was delivered in a very snotty and arrogant way that made you feel like unless you were a food critic that anything you said or asked for was pure stupidity on your part. I've been to places where they felt they were elite, fundamentally better human beings than the cash toting patrons they were serving and without exception, each and every place to adopt that smug superior attitude has since been closed for business. I wonder how long this place will last thinking its minimum wage serving staff is better than the patrons who come to spend money here.

reviewed by Michael,   visited on 2006-08-29 ,  overall
I was also at Cava last Friday evening. Got a pair of seats at the bar right away (No reservation) with Chris' wife (I think) being very helpful to shuffle the people there a little.

We also had the tapas tasting.. Chris McDonald seems to be at the bar happily most of the time slicing Spanish ham (which is very tasty). In additional to the reviewer, we had a tuna tarta and stable-fish dish which are wonderful as well. We ordered an extra sweetbread dish and desserts.

reviewed by J,   visited on 2006-08-29 ,  overall
Was there a week ago on Friday night. I have high hopes for this place. They are offering a "preview" tapas menu which is great value at $30/person for at least 6 or more small plates... we lost track. The current menu only has a handful of a la carte options but I was told the final menu will have more choices. The food overall provided a variety of tastes, with good balance of flavours although heavy on salt (OK with me but some might object). Highlights included a very tasty duck ravioli and a whole sardine. The carmelized popcorn to start was a bit weird though. Desserts were absolutely fabulous, perfect bagnette with hot chocolate, very light and moist sponge cake and a scrumptious rice pudding/creme brule.
Overall dinner for 2 with tapas and dessert, coffee and 3 drinks was < $120. Some of the usual "new restaurant" pains: very slow to be seated (despite reservation & table being ready); waiters didn't know all the dishes (but were very friendly); and the room is VERY VERY noisy (I really hope they will realize/fix this... all hard furnishings without even a curtain, and loud spanish music to boot).

reviewed by cc,   visited on 2006-07-21 ,  overall
The good:
Papas Fritas - Crisp fries and served with deep fried sage and rosemary
Salmon Machaca - Salmon nicely marinated and shredded, not too dry
Salad Landaise - Tender gizzards with foie gras adding a nice creamy texture
Tuna Ceviche - Traditional ceviche with tuna served with deep fried taro chips
Charcuteria - House-made chorizo was the hit of this dish. Served with bread and foie gras mousse
Pork Belly - Crispy skin, melt in your mouth pork belly fat
Sablefish - Sweet, moist fish... overwhelming favourite of the night

Not so good:
Piquillo peppers - lacks flavour, but taro foam was nice
Venison - Venison is dry... least favourite at the table
Grilled octopus - Octopus was too salty, but bread salad nicely done
Dessert Tapas - Cake was disappointing

Atmosphere: Casual, rustic feel
Cost: $250 for 4 (tax, tip and 1 drink)
attentive service.

we'll be back - it was too good not to.

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