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Senhor Antonio

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Location: 864 College St, Toronto, ON
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(416) 538-1910
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Website: http://www.chiadorestaurant.ca
Cuisine: Tapas  Wine Bar  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by rob,   visited on 2006-08-20 ,  overall
I agree completely. I also love the grilled sardines, the grilled octopus/calarmari salad, grouper sashimi, grilled blood/chorizo w onions sweet onions and apriocots. Save room for a slice of Apricot torte and a glass of tawny port to wash it down. A match made in heaven!!

reviewed by NovoCuisine,   visited on 2006-07-05 ,  overall
The boyfriend and I went to Senhor Antonio's last night. while Chiado was packed, Senhor Antonio's was not and we were seated.

My boyfriend and I had two glasses of wine each. They pour quite generously there; always a plus in my book!

We were given Chiado's menu and I had to specifically ask for the tapas menu. The waiter quickly brought over the bar menu and we ordered: salad of salt cod, grilled sardines, grilled chourizo, stir fried veggies, shrimp bisque and my boyfriend got their soup special - a delicious sweet pea soup.

The salt cod salad was very nice, and it came with four paper-thin crisps to place some salad on top of and eat off of. I would have liked for it to have had more salt cod and less sweet peppers.

The grilled sardines were my favorite thing of all. Two crisps topped with two perfectly grilled sardine fillets, and a light fresh salsa drizzled on top. I could have ate a dozen of these!

The chourizo was good, and I like that two kinds were served - traditional and the blood sausage. I am normally not a fan of the blood sausage, but when grilled to the point where the skin blisters I learned it can be quite tasty. I wouldn't order this dish again just because $7 for half a sausage is a little extreme when I get the stuff homemade for nothing ;)

The veggies were okay. They come in a sauce of garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. They were a bit soft for my liking, but I only got a couple because my boyfriend ate them all up. I guess he would have a higher opinion of them than I.

The shrimp bisque was divine. It tasted like fresh shrimp and I was very pleasantly surprised; I suppose I am used to spices overpowering the actual 'fishy' taste of bisques like lobster and shrimp. I wanted another bowl.

I got a spoonful of my boyfriend's pea soup and almost wished I had ordered it, but the shrimp bisque edged it out marginally.

For desert we shared the peras cozidas, or 'cooked pear'. So so so good! It came in a sauce of Madeira and saffron.

Overall, I was very pleased with our evening at Senhor Antonio. I'd recommend it to anyone and if you go, do tell me what you see in the painting to the right of the bar near the window; the waiter sharing my opinion of its subject matter wasn't enough to convince my boyfriend ;)

reviewed by estufarian,   visited on 2006-06-08 ,  overall
I'm not sure it 'formally' exists any more. It now appears to be a back dining room for Chiado. HOWEVER, Chiado does have a 'bar menu' - which closely resembles a tapas menu. And indeed they do have a bar in the Senhor Antonhio space. Last time I was there (last month) had a great selection of 'bar items' and some excellent wines by the glass. It's my favourite tapas spot in Toronto. A little more expensive than most - but you get what you pay for. In particular, the Tiger Shrimp, Grilled Octopus and 'Prosciutto' (which is actually jamon iberico and double the cost of any other item) were spectacular. As were their Portuguese sparklers. Reservations recommended.

reviewed by Kate,   visited on 2006-01-04 ,  overall
A Portuguese friend of mine wanted to check out Chiado's, but due to the high prices of the menu, we decided we really only wanted the Senhor Antonio's menu. we called and were told that we could make reservations for Chiado's on a weeknight and order off the tapas menu instead of the Chiado menu.

The wine list is moderately priced but the wines by the glass are all priced in the $10 range. as are the cocktails. This seems a bit high to me. We were also offered olives and bread, only to find out later (and not from our waiter) that there is a $5 charge for them.

All the items we ordered came out at the same time and were excellent. The flavouring was unique in each dish. The chorizo dish included both regular and "black" chorizo, which we had never tasted before. The risotto was fantastic with a really rich taste - probably a good veal stock base. The fish was all extremely fresh. No complaints whatsoever.

Luckily, that amount of food was just about enough, since at 9:40pm the waiter came by to ask us if we wanted anything else and tell us that the kitchen closed at 9:30pm. I find it ridiculous that the restaurant would take an 8:30 reservation and then close the kitchen at 9:30 without even mentioning it to us.

The bill for 4 people came to $220 including one round of drinks, a $50 bottle of wine, and the above-mentioned food. It was certainly a reasonable price given the quality of the dining. However, I would not likely return based on the attitude of the restaurant. They just didn't seem to want the business, and we continually got the feeling that we needed to accommodate them - not the other way around.

reviewed by William,   visited on 2005-12-04

I went there a couple of weeks ago and even though the food was fine the whole experience left me not wanting to go back..

First of all when we went in we asked specifically for "Senhor Antonio's" and were sat at the bar BUT given menus for Chaidas.. they did not ask if we wanted the Tapas menu or even mention that there was a separate menu. Then the waiter came over and he also did not mention the other menu. I thought maybe they had discontinued the Tapas... Luckily I notice the person beside me had a different menu and I inquired from the waiter and he then brought us the Senhor Antonio tapas list..

The two of us ordered a drink.. this was a Saturday night and we were going out so we skipped wine and started on liquor. I was shocked at the end of the night to find that a Rye & Coke was $9!! most strip clubs do not even charge that much.

The waiter then asked if we would like bread and olive oil & Olives to nibble on.. we said sure.. just as he turned I noticed on the bottom of the menu in fine print they state (Bread & Olives $5) now I do not mind paying but when I received the bill at the end of the night they seemed to try and hide the fact that they charge for this as it was listed as "5 - Open food $1"...

As for the food.. it was fine but nothing that I would consider outstanding. I personally have been to small lounges around the city where I found the Tapas to be more original and flavourful...

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