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Johny Banana Bistro Latino

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Location: 181 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON
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(416) 304-0101
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Website: http://www.johnybanana.com
Cuisine: Bistro  Mexican  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by hungryabbey,   visited on 2006-08-28 ,  overall
oh, um, come early, we came very early, at 5, and we were the only ones there and the service was still pretty slow. Once 6:30 rolled along, the place filled up and the two servers were running around like mad med, and it took a long time to get our bill and visa slips back. But food-wise, we were all very happy.

reviewed by hungryabbey,   visited on 2006-08-27 ,  overall
I was feeling like some nachos, so I decided to gather together my family to go to johny banana, since Id heard alot about it. Alot good, and some bad too..
We started with a plate of nachos, which were great, served with a nice homemade green salsa (spiiiiicy). They certainly werent the best Ive had, but I did enjoy them. They werent greasy at ALL. We also got a huge serving of guacamole, with another bowl of chips. The guac was served in a huge mortal and pestle like bowl , and was some of freshest tasting amazing guacamole Ive ever had.
As my main my father and I both had the 'pork n' roll' which was incredible. It was marinated pieces of pork with onions ,pineapple, and cheese in a spicy chipotle sauce served over 4 small corn tortillas which you wrap the filling around. It was incredible. My mom had some kind of beef build-your-own fajita which she claimed was the best she'd ever had, and my sister had a really delicious burger with grilled pineapple. I tried some, and let me tell you, it was one of the best burgers I have had in a while. It was served with more chips and a really smooth avocado salsa (looked like light green thick milk or something but tasted incredible).
So, all in all, we really enjoyed it, and for a dinner for 4 with two mains, two diet cokes, and two special fresh juices, the bill was only 100$ exactly. Not bad , not bad at all... give it a try if your sick of conventional 'quesidillas-served-with-beans-and-rice' mexican style food.

reviewed by num nums,   visited on 2006-08-20 ,  overall
finally got a chance to try this relatively new mexican place. it's on bathurst just north of queen where azul used to be.

as has been mentioned, their beverage menu is extensive. neither my friend nor i are drinkers, so don't know if they have their license yet. but on the menu it's mentioned that all of their drinks can have alcohol added. i had a thick yogurt based one with coconut which i enoyed. my friend had a much lighter hibiscus drink which was nicely tart and very refreshing.

for mains, i had the carne asada burrito. it was tasty with the smokiness from the beef noticeable and the smooth avocada sauce had a nice amount of heat. the house greens served with most entrees was impeccably dressed with a light hibiscus vinaigrette. my friend had the vegetarian quesadillas with a filling made with spinach. the server noted the corn tortillas are made in-house.

they have a nice selection of desserts. we split the dulce tres leches. i've heard of the famed condensed milk-soaked cake dessert but this was the first time tasting it. well, it was sweet, luscious, and incredibly rich: all good.

we both enjoyed our meals. including coffees, tax and tip the whole dinner was just under $50. everything was obviously prepared with care and with the very reasonable prices i can't wait to go back to check out the rest of their menu.

reviewed by candy,   visited on 2006-06-11 ,  overall
At the corner of Queen West and Bathurst is the recently opened Johny Banana. Okay, so this is not a dessert place. However, with such a tempting menu for licuados and other mixed drinks, it's just what I need for some liquid refreshment. I ordered an Atole and the dessert special Alfajor. The thick and smooth texture of atole was very pleasant. It was as comforting as a hot chocolate. The alfajor was a sandwich of two very tender shortbread cookies with a dulce de leche filling. The whole thing was generously coated with icing sugar and coconut shreds. It was surprisingly delicious in a rustic kind of way.

reviewed by J,   visited on 2006-05-20 ,  overall
Sat night: Johny Bananas (open about 2 weeks): They don't have their liquor license yet, but the non-alcoholic drink list is extensive and interesting - I had a sort of chocolate/cinnamon milkshake that was delicious. They will be offering all these drinks with alcohol, too, plus more standard cocktails, so it promises to be a very fun spot for drinks. The menu is short and selective, all Mexican (and the owners are genuinely from Mexico), and sounds interesting. The chicken mole burrito was very tasty, not too messy and had good mole flavour without too much heat. The room is very casual but colourful and fun, not too loud, and the service was actually great for a new spot. I'll go back later for a more extensive dinner with cocktails, since I love Mexican food and the Toronto options have been so limited.

reviewed by Dave,   visited on 2006-04-15 ,  overall
I'm the bartender there. It's about 80% mexican food with some Cuban and Argentinian fare as well. The owners are from Mexico city and want to show what life there is really like as opposed to the dirt-floors-and-geckos-on-the-wall concept we've grown up with. Expect 10 to 15 dollars a plate

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