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Lai Wah Heen

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Location: 108 Chestnut St, Toronto, ON
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(416) 977-9899
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Website: http://www.metropolitan.com/lwh/
Cuisine: Chinese  Dim Sum  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by six,   visited on 2006-08-11 ,  overall
lai wah heen, a highly touted restaurant within the hotel, known for its fancy and unique ingredients. when we went there at 11am, there was only one other table, but midway through our meal, the restaurant filled up with chinese people. despite the hefty price city halltag, chinese people still flocked to this place for dim sum, which speaks volumes for its quality. we ordered 8 dishes, totalling $80CDN, but we didn't think any of them were really worth their price tag. however, the soup dumpling and crab puff pastries were pretty delicious.

reviewed by Rasch,   visited on 2006-05-26
We tried out the lunch special, which cost us a $100.00 for 2 people. It included 6 dim sum, and a lobster/noodle dish.
The dim sum are comprised of 2 pieces only for $4-$6 range and their quality is not comparable to lesser know Chinese dim sum restaurants.
The shrimp dim sum tasted of chemicals, but they did take them back and replaced them with a gummy shashibau filled with tasty port marmalade.
The main course lobster, was tasty but tough, with about 4 oz of meat.
They seated us in a dingy back room with only one other diner, since I wasn't wearing my Rolex I presume.
The service was perfunctory, with desert taking a long long time to come.
Granted they just opened but at $100 for lunch, which is gutsy, everything should have been a rating of 4.
We will give it several months to settle in before trying it again.

reviewed by peter,   visited on 2006-03-16 ,  overall
Simply put, this is among the best, if not the best, regional Chinese food and Dim Sum that I have had in North America. Yank Sing in SF might be as good. Nothing I've had recently in NYC or Boston even comes close.

There are no carts, which will keep the purist snobs away, and it is on the expensive side, but you cannot deny the excellence of the food. They serve up a wonderous assortment of dim sum standards and original dishes that are all perfectly prepared and wonderfully presented. The Shanghai soup dumplings have a tasty meatball and magical soup inside. The crab dumplings are shaped like crabs, and have tiny little fish roe eyeballs. There are dozens of different kinds of steamed dumplings. This is probably one of two restaurants at which I'll order pot stickers.

To go along with this, they also serve huge fancy multi-course banquets with a range of dishes that is too large to even start listing here. We always get stuck on the dim sum, and the last two times we had dinner there, we ordered Peking Duck for two, which, while luxuriously excellent, is too much food. So we've never managed a proper exploration of the rest of the menu.

When we told them we were from Pittsburgh, they said "Oh, no good food there." Given the level at which this place works, I think that's a fair statement.

reviewed by hogtown,   visited on 2006-02-22 ,  overall
Lai Wah Heen is a sublime dining experience. The food is skilfully crafted and the service rivals that found at the best formal French restaurants. I'm especially keen to return for dim sum, which the New York Times has described as "maybe the best in North America." Most of all, I'm grateful to have finally had the opportunity to sample a series of Chinese delicacies that had previously been unavailable to me. The chance to open one's palate to new flavours is the best part of living in Toronto, and Lai Wah Heen is a special part of that.

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