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Bonjour Brioche

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Location: 812 Queen St E, Toronto, ON
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(416) 406-1250
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Cuisine: Brunch  Cafe  French  

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reviewed by darlene,   visited on 2007-02-23 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $15  
My husband and I were craving a taste of France. We searched food guides and found this one 2 years ago and have been going there at least 4 times a year to satisfy our tastebuds. Everything is good. (the flourless chocolate cake is to die for) We just wish they made crepes.

reviewed by embee,   visited on 2006-10-15 ,  overall
The pastries are lovely. The food varies from OK to very good. The service, when there is any service, ranges from indifferent to pathetic.

reviewed by imasleep,   visited on 2006-04-10 ,  overall
bonjour is really crowded and the servers are not very friendly. The pastries however are fantastic. Henri,the owner is very charming and informative if you can drag him out of the dungeon below. I haven't been there in sometime so i don't know if service has improved.

reviewed by peter,   visited on 2006-03-16 ,  overall
This is a French breakfast and pastry place which is a couple of miles to the east of downtown on Queen. The neighborhood is a bit iffy, but the croissant and baguette are not. Their tarts and other fancy breakfast items are also excellent. Somehow I have never managed to try their potato pacakes. Also, they are always closed on Monday when you want to get there on Monday for one last pastry orgy. This makes us bitter.

Despite the name, their brioche is only so-so. But their croissant can kill you with how good it is.

reviewed by tuqueboy re,   visited on 2006-02-17 ,  overall
i agree wholeheartedly. i found the food to be supremely ordinary, and the service to be indifferent at best. i had to ask for everything about 5 times the first time i went, even though the place was half-full. on another occassion, i happened to be in the neighbourhood with my wife, so we popped in for brunch. two couples who arrived after us were seated ahead of us -- they seemed to be regulars. we were so freakin' cold we sucked it up and kept waiting. finally, we were served, and i got a lukewarm cafe au lait, a distinctly unbuttery croissant, and nothing but attitude from the server. i honestly don't know how they stay in business. perhaps it's the lack of anything else decent in the neighbourhood?

reviewed by tonyc,   visited on 2006-01-23 ,  overall
(visiting from chicago) this is the cafe that can never exist in America because it’s just too ‘real’ for ze americanz.

we started off with a ‘bowl’ of the cafe au lait. well, it was just the ‘cafe’, as properly served in Paris. and by God they weren’t kidding when they mentioned the bowl. i just couldn’t decide if i wanted a simple Continental style breakfast, so we gorged and went for the full blown brunch. even the seemingly simple granola fruit bowl tasted exquisite with multi-grain granola, as well as sunflower seeds, shredded coconut and bits of fresh pomegrenade tossed in for extra texture.

i was repeated told “Canadian” bacon is rather bland. welp, this peameal bacon sandwich was just better than any Chicago style beef i’ve ever had in this city of supposed great sandwiches.

O! Canada indeed. we skipped the brioche (yes, the namesake, yes everyone says it’s bad) and had the daily special (jambon, watercress, onion) quiche instead. dare i say, better than all the street vended quiche we had in Paris. at CAN$35, best value (and tasting) meal we had this time in Canada.

reviewed by neighborguy,   visited on 2006-01-20 ,  overall
Finally made it there over the weekend to see/hear/taste what the fuss has been all about all these years that's I've not been.

I had a Crocque Madam which was fine for a ham and cheese sandwich with an egg on top....but...it came with a side of baguette. I suppose since this establishment is a French bakery, this would be expected. The bagette was particularly good, and I'm not a bread fiend. But is it not weird that to side a sandwich with more bread is not a little weird?

The service was good -- attentive and friendly.

I found the other patrons a bit precious and uptight. I guess South Riverdale/Leslieville has jumped the shark.

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