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Mimi's Breakfast

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Location: 218 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON
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(416) 703-6464
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Cuisine: Canadian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Stewart,   visited on 2006-09-05 ,  overall
I had the El Vez omelet; exactly what I was looking for.

We 5 are from the farthest reaches of the suburban drabness of Mississauga. In our neighbourhood, stepping out for something different means Harvey's rather than McDonald's !! My 3 young kids were amazed (and somewhat alarmed) by Mimi's (and everything else about Queen West) ... what a blast !

Give Mimi's a try; definitely different and worthy.

reviewed by cookiebaker,   visited on 2006-09-04 ,  overall
Mimi's is fantastic! I highly recommend it. My favourites are the Elvez omelet (omelet with applewood cheddar and chili) and the cheese blintzes.

However, always have a back up plan as only Mimi opens when she feels up to it.

reviewed by fluff,   visited on 2006-05-01 ,  overall
If you want character I love Mimi's, it's a little breakfast spot on Bathrust north of Queen and shares the Oak Leaf Steam Bath space. It's full of odd kitch, ElVez souveniers, PeeWee Herman dolls and 80s rock videos playing all the time. I'm not even sure what the hours are but it seems to open sometime after 10am on Sat/Sun and there are only 3 booths and maybe 7or8 counter seats.

reviewed by WineDad,   visited on 2005-08-18 ,  overall
my all-time favorite eclectic diner. It's beside the "Oakleaf Steam Bath" off all things but the food is out of this world. Hot steaming coffee, homefries, and a mexican omelet that defies description.

Don't be surprised or put off by Mimi if she's got Blue Rodeo blasting and she's smoking a joint - it's all part of the experience.

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