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Mama Martino's Pasta and Pizza

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Location: 624 The Queensway, Etobicoke, ON
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(416) 251-3337
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Cuisine: Italian  

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reviewed by tmac,   visited on 2006-02-04 ,  overall
Been there quite a few times and never disappointed. Food is great and the prices even better. Getting in can be slow at times if you hit their rush hour which lasts from 5 to 8pm. Line ups out the door and around the corner at times, but well worth the wait if you got the time. The people are freindly and the service is quick, but you never feel rushed. Sit back to the old homeland charm and let their food speak for itself.

reviewed by foodfight,   visited on 2005-08-12 ,  overall
Mama Martino's is all hype. They advertise aggressively but they don't back it up with good food. I went there recently and ordered a veal sandwich. They served me a tiny piece of dry meat on a hard, stale bun. I wound up throwing the sandwich into the garbage and went to Rocco's for one of their tasty veal sandwiches.

I also agree with the others that Rocco's Plum Tomato and Thyme4 are both better choices in the immediate neighbourhood. A little farther afield, on the west side of Brown's Line near Horner, is a tiny little place called "Il Paesano." This is my favourite Italian restaurant in Etobicoke.

reviewed by bruce,   visited on 2005-08-10
I was also disappointed with Mama Martino's. Friends took us there after talking it up and I found the food to be just ok. A mom and pop restaurant that has gotten a little too big... just my 2 cents.

In the area I've also tried Rocco's which is ok.

Recently we've tried the Thyme 4 restaurant on the Queensway and though we've only been there twice, I enjoyed it on both occasions. Definitely a family style place. They also do delivery I believe if you want to check out the quality of their pizza's etc before heading there for dinner.

reviewed by ca,   visited on 2005-08-08 ,  overall
I did not like the food there at all. Not sure if my Southern Italian roots were just not taking well to their menu. I found the pasta sauce to be bland and overall pasta dishes uncreative, the pizza was chewy and the decor is pure cheezy.

If I am looking for a great spot in Etobicoke I always head to Lenny's on Dundas and Islington. Fantastic pastas

reviewed by Becca,   visited on 2005-08-07 ,  overall
myself, my best friend (who suggested it) and subsequently everyone i've taken has loved it. but go in with the right expectations: it's deifnitly not high-end italian cuisine. its a family run, red checkered table cloth, type establishment. i love their pizza (and i'm quite the pizza conneiseur (sp?)). my sister's a big fan of the gnocchi.

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