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Mama Martino's Pasta and Pizza

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Location: 624 The Queensway, Etobicoke, ON
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(416) 251-3337
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Cuisine: Italian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Sira,   visited on 2011-01-10 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $20  
Food was tasty as always. Been going there for
years...amazing pasta with any sauce it is served with. Salads
are fresh and flavourful!

Whoever wrote the bad reviews have obviously never eaten

Keep up the great food. Loved it then and now.

reviewed by Shark55,   visited on 2009-11-13 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $15   Tags: Great Spot
I have been going there for years and always enjoy the food and the atmosphere. It is very child friendly and the food is always fresh and tasty. There are line ups every weekend for a reason.

reviewed by Patrick,   visited on 2009-10-31 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $16  
I have been going here for over ten years and I have never had a meal that I did not like. Chickena and Veal Parmigiana is great, Lasagna, Gnochi, Canneloni and Pizza are superb. Calamari is the best that I have ever had. Great service and atmosphere. Take out is also exceptional

reviewed by roseanna,   visited on 2009-09-23 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $15  
the food is awful they use the same sauce for everything i dont
know why its jam packed. my parents like it but i will never go
back again

reviewed by lin,   visited on 2009-09-15 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $14  
that 14. included tip,bread,and the linguini pescatore, this is the only place I have had calamari cooked properly! definately better than the rest. Service amazing, fast friendly and very helpful.
as for thyme4 I got half my mussels unopened leaking black spoiled liquid on the others,tried again same mess..thy are going to kill someone stay away!

reviewed by Rachelle,   visited on 2009-09-01 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $20  
Just moved to the area, so went walking around to discover things. Came across this place and love it. Owner was very friendly, atmosphere is casual but nice, food size was very good, taste wasn't GREAT but still good, wine prices were excellent...I felt very at home there and love the family feel. It will be probably my new neighborhood spot.

reviewed by sira damiani,   visited on 2009-08-28 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $18  
Holy Moly! What reviews!

I wonder if some of the people actually ate there...or if they were on strong medication. I have never and I repeat never had a bad meal there. I am wholly Italian and am co-writer for a wine and food magazine in Woodbridge. I have eaten fine and also inferior Italian food and will say without equivocation that the meals at Mama Martino are the top 5 of the restaurants I have ever eaten in. It is authentic fare and well prepared. My food arrived hot and flavourful. The mussels were plump and juicy (what a treat that was). The pasta al dente and the sauce magnificent. The prices were reasonable and the portions more than satisfactory. I cannot say too much about this establishment, except to try it for yourself and make your own decision about the food, ambience, price and service. The place impressed me and the service was prompt and friendly. Good appetite!!!

reviewed by table of 5,   visited on 2009-06-29 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $24  
we were celebrating a birthday. this was our first and last visit here. food tasteless and bland, cold and pasta undercooked, sauce bitter, salad was different, no refills on pop, no parking available and the staff looked like they were dressed for the beach. find a different place to eat.

reviewed by Suzi,   visited on 2009-06-10 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $15   Tags: Worst place in the world
Mama Martino's one of the worst places i have been. i would never ever go here again terrible people and food. it took us a hour to get a stone cold burned pizza. NEVER EVER GO HERE ANYONE!!!

reviewed by jeff,   visited on 2009-04-05 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $12  
we have been taking out food from mamma martino's for 13
years. the carbonara is brilliant and i have never had to make
another choice for myself. my kids love it as well. my wife likes
the veal parm and we do like the mussels. the food is great, the
price is great and i'd gladly pay a lot more for what i get but the
service is always slow even for take out and the atmosphere is
warm, friendly but quite dated. i will keep coming back for the
food over and over again. the lineups outside on a weekend
night in the summer can be 30 people long, that speaks
volumes and the negative reviews above surprise me. i would
suggest everyone should try it and make their own choice. for us
it has become an easy favorite we keep coming back to.

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