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Location: 399 Church St, Toronto, ON
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(416) 598-0004
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Cuisine: Brunch  Casual  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by Vance,   visited on 2009-08-27 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $10  
Without a doubt, my new favourite breakfast place. The staff made us feel very much at home; the most telling comment from our table was that our waiter, Serge, was one of the best we'd ever had - anywhere.

Oh ... and the food was very good too.

Definitely worth a visit - and then a few returns.

reviewed by Erin,   visited on 2009-08-20 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $10   Tags: breakfast
My new husband and I found Daybreak last week on our honeymoon and fell in love(again!).
Omar was our waiter but more than that he made us think he had been waiting for us!
The food was great and plentiful. The staff, expecially Omar was attentive, funny and just darn cute. We have told all our friends and will be back the next time we get to Toronto.

reviewed by Jay,   visited on 2008-07-14 ,  overall
My friends and I stumbled upon Daybreak a little while back while searching for a place to sit down and enjoy brunch. It was by far the best brunch I've been to and has became a personal favorite. All the staffs are delightful, the food is delicious and the prices were very reasonable. Now-a-days, I stop by just to spend an hour or two enjoying the friendly atmosphere and MOUTH-WATERING dishes!

reviewed by cupcakez,   visited on 2006-10-19 ,  overall
Day break on church and carlton. The omlettes are great, and you get lots of food for the price(pancakes, hash browns, and toast/bagel/english muffin). I love the cheese omlette, and the smoked salmon with cream cheese.

reviewed by Qi,   visited on 2006-03-09 ,  overall
My personal favourite is Daybreak, which is located at Church & Carlton (SE corner). It's a fairly short walk from Bay & Dundas. Great food, friendly service, and inexpensive. They're definitely open by 8am every day.

reviewed by xtal,   visited on 2006-02-27 ,  overall
My personal favourite is Daybreak, which is an unpretentious spot on the SE corner of Church & Carlton.
It's a neighbourhood favourite, and with good reason. Great food, and very reasonable prices. The service during the week is good, but on the weekends, it's great.

reviewed by John,   visited on 2006-02-26 ,  overall
Daybreak, SE corner of Church & Carlton. Three eggs benedict w/homefries $8.95, their hollandaise consistently puts far better places to shame, and they come piping hot. My favourite is the cinnamon-raisin-pecan French toast, six large slices with REAL whipped cream and REAL maple syrup, $8.95. Packed from noon onwards on weekends, so your food could take a while. Kitchen misfires occasionally if the staff changes, but they will correct any problems. Coffee is hit & miss. Portions are huge, you won't eat again until dinner (or possibly the next day).

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