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Memphis BBQ

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Location: 8074 Islington Ave, Woodbridge, ON
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(905) 265-9003
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Cuisine: Barbecue  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by James,   visited on 2006-11-29 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $20  
I visited this place with 2 others after reading the reviews. the ribs are really good, tender and juicy. wings are good but i had better. also tried the pulled pork and it is bit too much sauce, nothing special.

there are some nice posters including their own store T-Shirts on the wall, atmosphere is still lacking though. small place and small tables. I am not big but still feeling tight when sitting down with a friend.

service is warm and prompt.

I can see that i bring no more than 2 or 3 friends over and have some good ribs. or just do ribs take-out if i live nearby ( i saw more people doing takeout in this place while we were there)

also bit disappointed that they have no liquor licence.

reviewed by zia,   visited on 2006-09-06 ,  overall
Tags: pulled pork
delicious pulled pork. Memphis BBQ is the only place I've tried so far and I was impressed with the meat (juicy and just saucy enough) and the value ($8 for a massive sandwich). But Woodbridge is too far, and they close at 9pm.

reviewed by mikeb,   visited on 2006-08-31 ,  overall
Tags: ribs
Memphis is on Islington, north of number 7. They do indeed do real BBQ. The ribs are worth a small side trip if you are going up the 400 or already in Woodbridge.

reviewed by Candy,   visited on 2006-05-10 ,  overall
we ordered 2 pulled pork sandwiches, ribs (3 bones), drinks (tax & tips included): $33

Granted, both the pulled pork and ribs tasted very similiar because they were cooked with the same barbeque sauce. However, the tangy sweet combination of the sauce was indeed very pleasant. The ribs had a great smokey flavour and the kitchen was nice enough to gave us four bones instead of the three that we ordered at no extra charge so that T and I could share evenly. Personally, I prefer leaner ribs so the side ribs used here had the right amount of fattiness to my taste. The meat was of course fall-of-the-bone tender.

The pulled pork sandwich was a generous portion of pulled pork sitting on top of a fluffy lightly grilled hot dog bun.

The service here is laid back and relaxing which added to the charm of this not-so-hidden spot.

The dining room was small but sitting by the window looking out at the traffic in the sunset was such a relaxing experience. The food here did not blow my mind but it was honest good food made by people who are passionate about BBQ.

reviewed by Rick,   visited on 2006-04-13 ,  overall
There is a new bbq place in Woodbridge. The sign says that they have smoked ribs. I have been to Memphis TN and other places in the South but have yet to find anything here that comes close.

Upon entering, I find that they have a fairly small menu and a small eating area. One of the owners says that he used to be an owner of the Purple Pig restaraunts. The other owner says he was food director of the Pickel Barrel chains.

The Purple Pig owner says the ribs here are different in that he uses side ribs rather than back and he smokes them more than he used to at his previous restaraunt.

I ordered the 9 bones dinner. They take pre rubbed and smoked ribs out and put then on the grill. They then mop on some sauce and cook till done.

The ribs I feel are better than Camp 31 but not quite as good as the best I have had in Memphis, such as Interstate BBQ or Rondezvous. The meat was leaner than usual and well cooked, perhaps a bit too much. The smoking didn't leave any redness in the meat, so i guess it's more of a hot smoke rather than a cooler smoke. They said that they use hickory wood and smoke for 4 hours.

The sides include (in my opionion)awful creamy coleslaw, homemade but bit dry, nonetheless tasty cornbread and not too spicey homemade baked beans.

IMHO this is one of the better rib places around the GTA and I would make the trip from Richmond Hill again.

reviewed by Lazar,   visited on 2006-04-13 ,  overall
I read your posting this morning, and since I work at 7 & Langstaff, I knew exactly where I would be going for lunch today.

I ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich for takeout(I am always on the look out for PPS in T.O.) and IMO it is the best pulled pork that I have had in the GTA. It was not dry, nor was it oversauced. It was fantastic! Is is better than PP from the Southern States? Unfortunately no, but it comes very close and definitely fills the void.

Now for the bad stuff. I agree with you on the coleslaw, the smell reminded me of that neon pastel green concoction they sell at KFC. I tasted it, and immediately threw it out...AWFUL. I tried the beans and was not impressed. The fries that came with the sandwich...some kind of premade spice stuff...edible, but not much to write home about.

And finally, the cornbread...I was very disappointed because I do enjoy a good cornbread, and this was anything but. It was incredibly dry!! One small bite sucked all the moisture from inside my mouth.

However, all these bad things aside, I will be returning..the pulled pork is SOOOO GOOOD!! I can handle the bad side dishes just to get to it.

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