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Via Oliveto Restaurant

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Location: 376 Bloor W, Toronto, ON
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(416) 925-6689
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Cuisine: Italian  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by pinstripeprincess,   visited on 2006-08-19 ,  overall
via oliveto's gnocchi is just... sublime to me. perfect softness to toothiness with a rich and thick tomato sauce that you'll want to eat up with a spoon.

the space is a little open and less cozy but it helps to remove people from around you as if you're all alone. it's very simple and nice. incredibly reasonably priced as well.

reviewed by tuqueboy,   visited on 2006-08-08 ,  overall
on bloor between bathurst and spadina. It's a nice little family-run place. Very friendly service, and absolutely fantastic homemade gnocchi. There are other, fancier more expensive places with bigger menus and wine lists, but I've never ever had a bad meal at via oliveto. It's also got a nice, warm atmosphere, which was improved by the Restaurant Makeover show. On the wine front, they do have a well-chosen wine list, but they've never tried to push anything on my wife and I. They've got some decent cocktails and beer selections, too. One of my favourite things in there is that they've got a bakery in the basement, and the whole restaurant is often filled with the scent of toasting rosemary. Yes, they do their own bread.

visited on 2005-09-26
I will return. I have referred this restaurant to all my family and friends. I find it to the best on bloor street. G.L

visited on 2005-09-10
I give this restaurant *****'s for food and service. The whole dining experience was wonderful. It is a restaurant that everyone must visit!

visited on 2005-04-06
It has always been a great restaurant and one of my favourites; with the renovations and new menu - it is now my favourite restaurant!

visited on 2004-11-25
The secret of Bloor. Once you are greeted, then seated you quickly become aware that this is a fine example of a family success. The menu is fabulous with the strict dedication of Chef Patrick evident in every item I have enjoyed (recommend: Salmon, Seabass, Risotto). The father of the family, who is also a master baker, can be found moving from table to table greeting and educating the guests. His area of expertise other than Bakery is Italian wine, If you are fortunate the Father will invite you to see their 'cozy' cellar. There is a stylish, covered and enclosed patio in the rear and somehow a bakery in the basement. Visit for yourself and be confident of my recommendation.

visited on 2004-09-15
This is a very nice, relaxed restaurant. The patio is great, and the staff are friendly. Definitely recommended for a casual dinner out.

visited on 2004-03-25
I tried this place on a friend's suggestion and let me just say I was amazed. First off, the food is very true to the Italian traditions. It is simple yet that is what makes it so good. Praise to Patrick for his work. You can really tell he puts his heart into the meals. The wait staff are excellent and extremely friendly. I can't say enough so go try it for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

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