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Thuet Bistro & Bakery

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Location: 609 King St. W, Toronto, ON
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(416) 603-2777
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Website: http://www.thuet.ca/
Cuisine: French  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by fickle,   visited on 2006-06-29 ,  overall
I was there for dinner last night and the Kobe bone marrow was fantastic. We also had the steak tartare (very refreshing), the veal liver (delicious and decadent) and the côte de porc charcutière (the pork just melted in your mouth). Service was excellent. We'll be back.

We popped into Lee next door for dessert. I had a craving for the espresso pave and it was a perfect ending for our meal. Who ever said you can't restaurant hop?! The warm chocolate banana cake at Lee was delicious as well but that pave is very dear to my heart! I just love it.

reviewed by phoenikia,   visited on 2006-06-27 ,  overall
be sure to try the dishes of their seasonal menu- the last time I went was in April, so the seasonal menu has changed. I was happy with a crab dish I ordered off the seasonal menu the last time I went.

I really like the pickerel quenelles I had on my first visit.

I was not a fan of their contemporary " choucroute" from their Classiques menu- it doesn't resemble any choucroute I've had in France. I haven't tried any of the other choices off the Classiques menu.

The Omelette Norwegienne at Thuet was the most beautiful dessert I've ever seen in Toronto- similar to a baked Alaska.The Profiteroles were great, but you only receive 3, if I remember correctly. The Apple Tarte Tatin was also good.

reviewed by moo,   visited on 2006-05-22 ,  overall
i've had both good and bad experiences at thuet.

both times were on saturday nights. first time it was around 8pm, the kitchen was hustling & buzzing, marc could be spotted in the back running the show .. the food was fantastic -- the beef bavette had a rich, thick, almost gooey shallot sauce, and the steak perfectly tender .. we also had the porc pied, which swam were served atop buttery, almost shortbread flavoured mash potatoes .. absolutely wonderful ..

the second time, we sat at 6pm .. the place was very quiet .. we again ordered the beef bavette -- the beef was cooked through at certain places (we asked for medium rare), there was less sauce, aaand the sauce was runny & unreduced .. we ordered a fall-off-the-bone lamb shank, and asked to replace the accompanying veggies with the mash -- the lamb was great, but the mash was not as buttery as last time ..

the first time was in february, and second time was in late april .. i think we will wait until another half year before venturing back, and make sure we show up during peak hours ..

reviewed by Jim,   visited on 2005-12-04 ,  overall
I love thuet, the 8 course tasting menu is $120 per person but they also have a special truffle menu this month (but that is a lot more I think).

It is fine dining (not a bistro) so the service is professional but I do not find it pretentious. The food is AMAZING! I have seen many people there in jeans and they stay open quite late serving dinner, you never feel rushed. They also have a long bar where I like to eat..

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