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Magic Wok Cantonese Cuisine Ltd

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Location: 4331 14th ave, Markham, ON
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(905) 305-6088
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Cuisine: Chinese  Seafood  

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reviewed by Efuman,   visited on 2009-08-31 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $15   Tags: Bad Service, A bit too oily
Magic Wok, if anything, is magical. From the moment you walk in, you experience a neverending crowd, deafening noise and, um, i dont think we can call those two back rooms 'washrooms'. THus i shall call it its pinyin, Sung Dung. And the S does NOT stand for service, cause ur gonna get as much friendliness as your average cactus gives. But the food is pretty good, if not too oily at times. Recommendations:Seafood pheonix nest!! (THE BEST)

reviewed by topwise,   visited on 2009-06-21 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $15   Tags: Very Bad Service
Food is Food NO comments
But Please be aware when you want to make a trip to there. Very bad service and very Packed , Plus you have to wait at least 2 hours to get your table, even you alrady make a reservation. Many other choice around that area and better than Magic Wok.

reviewed by JP,   visited on 2007-07-04 ,  overall

reviewed by eco987,   visited on 2006-08-13 ,  overall
this would be the place to go for Hong Kong style Wok Hei (Wok Air). Their expensive stuff sucks. But their steamed fish or sole done two ways is really good. As is their lobster with E-fu noodles (they cook the noodle in the brain sauce). Deep friend soft shell crab is also good. and the must have is the phoenix nest (get the 3 seafood one). The only problem with this place is bad service, they don't smile and move around like way efficient robots.

reviewed by Charles,   visited on 2006-04-17 ,  overall
Last time I was here, the fish tanks on display inside the restaurants were stocked with swimming grouper,snapper,turbot from France,sea bass,eel,green bass,live lobster,dungeness crab,Alaskan King crab,clams,mussels,spotted prawns,scallops in the shell....etc. All these choices will no doubt set the tone for a meal of impeccable freshness. For two, I'll order, say, an 1 1/2lb lobster sauteed with ginger and scallions, 10 oz of steamed live BC spotted prawns, a couple of west coast oysters in the half shell steamed with a garlic, black bean topping and if appetite allows, a plate of sweet and sour clams. If you are really adventurous, for about $250, you can order a whole live Alaskan King Crab and have the chef cook it 3 ways. Have fun!!!

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