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Carman's Dining Club

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Location: 26 Alexander St, Toronto, ON
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(416) 924-8697
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Website: http://carmans.sites.toronto.com/
Cuisine: Steakhouse  

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User Reviews

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reviewed by BrianL,   visited on 2007-09-28 ,  overall
Cost Per Person $45  
Been in Toronto since 1996 and finally found a
great steak. Been disappointed with every
recommended steakhouse. Service was excellent.
Servers knew what and when you wanted attention. I
love a rare steak, slightly warm in the center and
most places screw it up, presenting it raw. The
condiments were over the top and not one was left.
I could have just had them.

As we left, I looked at the wall of celebs and got
a surprise. 2 photos looked exactly like my wife.
I showed them to her and yep, they were her. I
knew she was a model before we met. In the early
70s there was a festival and she was chosen Miss
India for the event. As part of the event Carman
held a dinner and she was added to the wall. I
knew she was special but this was jaw dropping as
she never talked about her career in that field.
Since, the restaurant has had a special mdaning.

reviewed by AJ,   visited on 2005-08-07 ,  overall
I like Carman's myself. Old style steakhouse and the garlic bread is to die for!

reviewed by Ben,   visited on 2005-07-20 ,  overall
Thanks for the tip Bobby - ML and I went last night and had a great time. Steaks were delicious (very garlicky, nice crust, served on a wooden plank) as were the tzatziki and garlic bread. Even the throwback desserts (chocolate mousse cake, strawberry cheesecake) were really tasty, but after a 16 oz steak and plethora of sides that come with, we were too full to finish. Once our steaks arrived, our waiter requested that we cut into them in order to verify that they were cooked as ordered. Very nice touch. "Overwrought" is an apt adjective to describe the place, but it should be noted that the style seems like a perfect match for the food.

reviewed by bobby,   visited on 2005-07-09 ,  overall
is another one of those old time steakhouses within spitting distance of Maple Leaf Gardens. Everything about the place is completely overwrought: from the Spanish Inquisition décor, where it is visible between the signed headshots of old-time lounge singers and other celebrities; to the menu which is steak, steak and steak; to the stern-but-solicitous service of the accented, all-male wait-staff in linens.

Every entrée comes with buttery garlic bread and (inexplicably) a side dish of the hugest dill pickles. For vegetables...potatoes, and baked potatoes came with the thickest, full-fat, totally garlicked sour cream. And I think a Caesar salad was included in the all-in-one meal price.

Fat, blood and red wine ran down my chin in equally gluttonous amounts. An entrée was in the $25-$35 range. A full prix-fixe dinner in the $40-$60 range. Plus wine.

Lots of fun. Two old friends and I had really novel Christmas meal together, and left really satisfied. Perhaps you have to be in the right mood for the place, but we had so much fun!

I understand that Le Baron on Church St. offers (/offered?) the same thing.

This is what The Keg aspires to without really offering the same value.


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