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GTA Toronto Restaurants with Unclassified cuisine

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#RestaurantsCitiesCuisinesReviewsFood Rating
1Eigensinn Farm Singhampton Unclassified 2

2Ararat International Fine Foods North York Unclassified 6
3Armenian Kitchen North York Unclassified 2
4Mark Picone Culinary Studio Vineland Unclassified 2
5Vincent's Spot Scarborough Unclassified 2
6Latitude Food and Drink Georgetown Unclassified 1
7Orchard Family Restaurant Mississauga Unclassified 2
8Opal Dining Lounge Toronto Unclassified, Lounge 3
9Vidalia's Market Dining St. Jacobs Unclassified 1
10At the Crossroads Family Restaurant Elmira Unclassified 2
11Jasper Fish & Chips Pickering Fish and Chips, Unclassified 2
12Dessert Trends Patisserie-Bistro Toronto Unclassified 5
13Liv Restaurant Niagara On The Lake Unclassified 2
14Tetley's (Moffat Inn) Niagara On The Lake Unclassified 1
15Pi-Tom's Toronto Unclassified 2
16grains eatery Thornhill Unclassified 1
17Rhino's Roadhouse Bewdley Unclassified 1
18Trevor Kitchen & Bar Toronto Unclassified 9
19Danula Restaurant Toronto Unclassified 1
20Riverbend Niagara On The Lake Unclassified 1
21Siegfried's Toronto Unclassified 1
22The MidTown Restaurant and Bar Toronto Unclassified 1
23Organic Garage Oakville Unclassified 9
24Aroma's Gourmet FoodShoppe & Caterie Toronto Unclassified 1
25Black Camel Toronto Unclassified 1
26La Maquette Toronto Unclassified 2
27Chocolate Restaurant & Lounge Toronto Unclassified, Lounge 6
28Radical Jack's Fondue Lounge Toronto Unclassified, Lounge 11
29Lux Toronto Unclassified 6
30Big mamma's boy Toronto Unclassified 9
31The Drake Hotel Dining Room Toronto Unclassified 18
323 Guys and A Stove Huntsville Unclassified 2
33Peridot Resto Lounge Toronto Unclassified 3
34Soup It Up Toronto Unclassified 0
35Four Two Four Toronto Unclassified 0
36Nutrilicious Food Products Scarborough Unclassified 0
37Cashly Food Company Toronto Unclassified 0
38Hoitin Food Products Ltd Scarborough Unclassified 0
39Western Country Restaurant Toronto Unclassified 0
40Goodness Sole Food Scarborough Chinese, Unclassified 0
41Capers On Location The Restaurant Scarborough Unclassified 0
42Topworth Fast Food Markham Unclassified 0
43Krebs Restaurants Whitby Unclassified 0
44Delicious Food Restaurant The Richmond Hill Unclassified 0
45Fit For Life Fresh Food Brampton Unclassified 0
46Thatchers (Glenerin Inn) Restaurant Mississauga Unclassified 0
47Ball Kee Restaurant Markham Unclassified 0
48Frank's Family Restaurant Toronto Unclassified 0
49Dil's Restaurant Toronto Unclassified 0
50Afton Food Group Pickering Unclassified 0
51A & W Food Services Etobicoke Unclassified 0
52Bert N'Ernie's Fun Food Eatery Mississauga Unclassified 0
53T-Dot Karaoke Dance & Lounge Richmond Hill Unclassified, Lounge 0
54Crown-Kruna Restaurant Toronto Unclassified 0
55Bordello Inc Toronto Unclassified 0
56Food Food Time Catering Service Etobicoke Unclassified 0
57A & P Food Court And Restaurant Etobicoke Unclassified 0
58M&M Food Mart Scarborough Unclassified 0
59Restaurant Food Scarborough Unclassified 0
60Whole Foods Market Toronto Unclassified 0
61Cumbrae's Toronto, Toronto Unclassified 0
62Windsor Arms Toronto Unclassified 0
63Tealish Toronto Unclassified 0
64Papaya Island Toronto Unclassified 0
65Thyme 4 Pizza & Pasta Etobicoke Unclassified 0

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