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GTA Toronto Restaurants with Retail cuisine

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#RestaurantsCitiesCuisinesReviewsFood Rating
1Pasquale Bros Etobicoke Retail 1

2Taste the 4th Sense Toronto Retail 2
3Honey Bear Hungarian Delicatessen North York Deli, Hungarian, Retail 2
4Blue Danube Sausage House Ltd Etobicoke Deli, Retail 3
5Galleria Supermarket Thornhill Korean, Retail 1
6Grande Cheese Co Ltd North York, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill Retail 5
7Queens Pasta Etobicoke Retail 0
8Sanelli's Cookery Etobicoke Retail 0
9The Village Butcher Etobicoke Retail 0
10Metzger Meats Hensall Retail 0

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