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GTA Toronto Restaurants with Fusion cuisine

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#RestaurantsCitiesCuisinesReviewsFood Rating
1Zee Grill and Oyster Bar Toronto Eclectic, Fusion, Seafood 16

2Perigee Toronto Fusion 29
3The Living Well Toronto Fusion 1
4Pomegranate Toronto Breakfast, Fusion, Italian 2
5Simply Bleu Bistro Georgetown Asian, French, Fusion 2
6Le Petit Liban Toronto Canadian, French, Fusion, International 18
7Brassaii Toronto Breakfast, Fusion 27
81055 Restaurant & Catering Toronto Casual, Fusion 10
9Senses Toronto Fusion 5
10Toba Toronto Brunch, Fusion 4
11Xacutti Toronto Breakfast, Fusion, Indian 6
12Czehoski Toronto Brunch, Fusion 13
13Chicago's Diner Toronto Fusion 1
14Lemon Meringue Toronto Bakeries and Pastries, Eclectic, Fusion 9
15Fire on the East Side Restaurant & Bar Toronto Breakfast, Cajun, Eclectic, Fusion 13
16Alto Basso Restaurant and Bar Toronto Fusion, International 5
17NECTAR Toronto French, Fusion, Mediterranean, Pan-Asian 20
18Brant House Toronto Eclectic, Fusion 19
19Spring Rolls Toronto, Toronto, Mississauga, Toronto, Toronto Chinese, Fusion, Pan-Asian 22
20Ultra Supper Club Toronto Eclectic, Fusion 19
21Fred's Not Here Smokehouse & Grill Toronto Fusion 18
22On The Curve Mississauga Fusion 0
23Da Nu La Toronto Fusion 0
24Viva Tastings Toronto Fusion 0

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