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GTA Toronto Restaurants with Deli cuisine

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#RestaurantsCitiesCuisinesReviewsFood Rating
1Pickle Barrel Restaurant & Catering North York Burgers, Deli, Fast Food 6

2Yitz's Toronto Deli 10
3Peter's On Eglington Mississauga Deli 4
4Moe Pancer's Delicatessen Toronto Deli, Jewish, Sandwiches 14
5Kiva's Bagel Bakery & Restaurant North York Deli 5
6Cheese Boutique & Delicatessen Toronto Deli 12
7Shanghai Cowgirl Toronto Burgers, Canadian, Chinese, Deli 18
8Prague Deli Toronto Deli, European 1
9Centre Street Deli Thornhill Deli, Jewish 1
10Zoulpy's Deli Restaurant Toronto Deli 1
11Honey Bear Hungarian Delicatessen North York Deli, Hungarian, Retail 2
12Blue Danube Sausage House Ltd Etobicoke Deli, Retail 3
13Boccone Deli & Pizza Toronto Deli 4
14Coleman's Deli Restaurant & Caterer Toronto Deli 2
15United Bakers Dairy Restaurant North York Deli, Kosher 4
16Katz's Deli North York Deli 10
17Lox Stock & Bagel Toronto Deli 1
18Dunn's Famous Toronto Deli, Jewish 11
19Pickle Barrel Restaurant & Catering Toronto Burgers, Deli, Fast Food 10
20Scaccia Restaurant Toronto Cafe, Deli, Italian 2
21Pickle Barrel Restaurant & Catering North York Burgers, Deli, Fast Food 1
22Tex's Grill Scarborough Deli 0
23Vienna Gourmet Deli Toronto Deli 0
24Tea Tasters Cafe Toronto Cafe, Deli 0
25Pumpernickel's Deli & Catering Toronto Deli 0
26Colonnade Deli Toronto Deli 0
27Crossroad Gourmet Toronto Deli 0
28Da Tony & Sandra Delicatessen York Deli 0
29Steam City Toronto Deli 0
30Batory Delicateson Toronto Deli 0
31Pisa Food Ltd Mississauga Deli 0
32Daiter's Toronto, Toronto Deli, Jewish 0
33Lein Deli Etobicoke Deli 0

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